~The Winter City is an organization of engines from The Railroad Girl who solve mysteries all over Winter City.~

Members Edit

Thomas The Tank Engine: Founder, Leader

Stanley The Silver Engine: Co-founder, Co-leader

Stepney The Bluebell Engine: Official Member

Rosie The Pink Engine: Operator

Percy The Small Engine: Official Member

Peter Sam: Official Member, Sketch Artist

Toby The Tram Engine: Official Member

Ryan The Purple Tank Engine: Official Member

Timothy The Oil-Burning Steam Engine: Official Member

Duck The Great Western Engine: Official Member

Oliver The Great Western Engine: Official Member

Mario Phelps: Official Member

Luigi Phelps: Official Member

Shadow Bixby: Official Member

Nick Wilde: Official Member

Members Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The agency was formed after Thomas and Stanley discovered their common interest in The Hardy Boys
  • Rosie's job as operator is to answer the phone when they have a mystery to solve
  • Peter Sam's job as sketch artist is to draw sketches of prime suspects according to a witnesses' description
  • Peter Sam is the only narrow gauge member of the group
  • At 6 years old, Percy is the youngest member of the group and the most sensitive
  • Rosie is the only female member of the group
  • The group prefers to be called by their acronym "WCDA"
  • At 15 years old, Duck is the oldest engine in the group
  • At 28 years old, Nick is the oldest member of the group
  • Mario and Luigi are the only human members
  • Ryan joined the group after exposing Sir Handel and the twins as the culprits behind Thomas' accident, which resulted in him (Ryan) joining the railway
  • Timothy joined the group after exposing a counterfeiting ring in Fred Jones and Daphne Blake's basement
  • Usually, only about 3-5 members go on cases
  • It's rare for all the members to go on the same case
  • Duck and Oliver joined after they started reading The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew