The New Minibus is the second episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Joey comes home with a new Volkswagen 21 minibus, which Leni is anxious to try out.


One day, Leni, Lucy, and Lynn were playing basketball in the front yard, when Joey pulled up in a rusty old Volkswagen 21 minibus.

"I'm home", Joey said.

Frank and Lori then walked outside.

"What's with the Volkswagen", Lori asked.

"It's a Volkswagen 21 minibus", Joey said, "this guy running a roadside business sold it to me for a real good price."

Then, exhaust shot out of the back.

"He seemed kind of desperate to get rid of it", Joey said.

"Is it for me", Leni asked.

"No", Joey said, "it's for us to travel in when we go on vacation."

"Can I try it out", Leni asked.

"That depends", Joey said, "do you have your driver's license?"

"No she doesn't", Lori said, "on her driver's test, she crashed into a tree, set a fire hydrant to spring a leak, got a nun on said leak, and somehow managed to get a paper boy hanging by a tree branch."

"Yikes", Joey said, "sounds like she's not ready yet."

Lana then walked outside.

"I'm here", Lana said, "show me the bus!"

Joey then showed Lana the minibus.

"Dang, this thing is leaking oil", Lana said, "must be the gaskets."

"Can you fix it", Joey asked.

"Give me 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 55 seconds", Lana said.

2 hours, 3 minutes, and 55 seconds later, Lana had finished up the minibus, and showed it to Frank and Joey.

"Wow", Frank said, "it looks like it just rolled out of the factory in the 1960's."

"Yep", Lana said, "I'm just that good."

Leni then walked into the garage and saw the minibus.

"Amazing", Leni said, "it looks just like new!"

"Thanks", Lana said, "now it you'll excuse me, I'm going to go clean up for dinner."

Leni then got in the driver's seat.

"She even did the inside too", Leni said.

Leni then looked around for something.

"What are you looking for", Joey asked.

"The keys", Leni said, "I want to take a spin."

"I have the keys", Joey said, "but you can't drive until you have your driver's license."

"I'll be your best friend", Leni said.

"It won't work out", Joey said, "even if I wanted it too."

"How about I give you five bucks", Leni said.

"I can't be bought", Joey said.

"What's the big deal", Leni asked, "it's just a minibus."

"That I don't want to get damaged before we even go on vacation", Joey said.

After dinner, Leni was getting ready for bed and got an idea.

"Maybe I could just sneak out and take the minibus for a little drive to the mall", Leni said.

When Luna fell asleep, Leni went downstairs to get the keys out of Frank and Joey's room, but couldn't get in.

"It's locked", Leni said.

Then, she saw the twins walking downstairs.

"What are you two doing down here", Leni asked.

"We were just about to ask you the same question", Lana asked.

"Hey, I asked you first", Leni said.

"I'm getting a drink of water", Lola said.

"And I'm here to use the bathroom", Lana said.

"Well, since you answered my question", Leni said, "I'm borrowing the new minibus."

"But Joey told you not too", Lana said.

"I know", Leni said, "but I wanna try it out so badly."

"How are you goanna start it", Lola asked.

"I haven't figured that out yet", Leni said, "I can't get the keys to the minibus."

"Why don't you hotwire it", Lana said, "that's what carjackers do."

"But I can't hotwire a car", Leni said.

"Look up an online tutorial on how to do it", Lana said, "there's an online tutorial for everything these days."

"Thanks", Leni said.

Leni began to walk away, but Lola stopped her.

"Wait a minute", Lola said, "you're not getting away with this that easy."

"What do you mean", Leni asked.

"In order for us to keep this a secret, we require payment", Lana said.

"Name your price", Leni said.

"Half a penny each", Lana said.

Leni then looked through her purse.

"I only have two pennies", Leni said.

"No", Lana said, "half a penny."

"Half a penny is like half a sentence", Leni said, "it makes."

"That sentence made no sense", Lana said.

"Exactly", Leni said.

"How about half a dollar", Lola said.

Leni took a one dollar bill out of her purse, ripped it in half, and gave each half to Lola and Lana.

"You could've just given us 50 cents each", Lana said.

Leni began to get mad at them, so they ran away.

"Forget it", Leni said.

Leni went outside with her PearBook and pulled up an online tutorial for how to hotwire a car.

"Okay", Leni said, "so we have to connect the red wire to the yellow one."

She connected the two wires, but got shocked by them.

"Or was it the blue wire", Leni asked.

She then connected the red wire to the blue wire, and the minibus started.

"Yes", Leni said, "now let's get this show on the road."

She then drove out of the driveway and into the street, but accidentally bumped into the trash cans.

"Whoops", Leni said.

She drove to the mall, and found that the only place to park was between two cars.

"Let's see", Leni said, "I just put it in reverse, and..."

She went drove back and forth uncontrollably, screaming and panicking and driving uncontrollably back and forth, smashing into the two cars, until a security guard, alongside Frank, Joey, and Lori, who were in their pajamas, glared at her.

"This is awkward", Leni said.

At the house, Frank, Joey, and Lori were talking to Leni.

"I cannot believe you stole the minibus and drove to the mall at 10:00 at night when it isn't even open and caused hundreds of dollars of damage to two cars parked there", Frank said.

"Yeah, I didn't really think it through", Leni said.

"Because of you, we have to pay five hundred dollars for those cars you damaged, or else we'll go to jail", Lori said.

The three then checked their wallets.

"I have 200", Lori said.

"I have 50", Frank said.

"I've only got fifteen", Joey said.

They were then upset.

"We don't have enough", Joey said.

Leni then ran up to her room and came down with some money.

"Here", Leni said, "it's all my shopping money and half of my allowance."

Lori then counted the money.

"It's just enough", Lori said.

"It's the least I could do", Leni said, "I don't deserve that money after what I did tonight."

"Maybe so", Frank said, "but that was a fine sacrifice you made for us."

Frank, Joey, and Lori went to pay the money they owed, and Leni went to her and Luna's room and fell asleep.

The End


  • Luan and Lisa are absent in this episode.
  • Joey obtains his Volkswagen 21 minibus in this episode.
  • Innuendo: Joey saying that being Leni's best friend wouldn't work out even if he wanted to meant that he didn't want Lori to think he was cheating on her.
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