The Hatfields are a rock band from Winter City, Utah.

Members & PositionsEdit

  • Ned Bigby: Drums, backing/lead vocals
  • Andy Davis: Backing/lead vocals, tambourine, maracas, and bass
  • Skip Gilroy: Bass guitar, keyboard, banjo, clavinet, and backing/occasional lead vocals
  • Daniel Miller: Lead guitar, backing/lead vocals

Members GalleryEdit


  • Ned: Gretsch Broadcaster 5-Piece drum kit
  • Andy: Yamaha Concert Tambourine, Latin Percussion CP287 maracas, Gretsch G5442
  • Skip: Gretsch G5440, Vox Continental organ, Hohner Clavinet D6
  • Daniel: Gretsch G6122-12, Gretsch G5422G-12, Gretsch G5422

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Trivia Edit

  • The band mainly sings songs by The Monkees
  • Often when performing, the band wears suits like the ones wore by The Beatles at the latter band's performance on August 15, 1965 at Shea Stadium in New York City 
  • Daniel likes to wear wool hats when performing, as he thinks they make him look cool. He owns a blue wool hat and a green one
  • The reason he has two is because when one of them is in the wash, he'll have a second clean one to wear at gigs