Sir Handel's Last Prank is the twenty-second episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

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After his latest prank gets James into a bad accident, Sir Handel decides to give up pranking.

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One day, Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben were up to their old pranks again. What were they doing this time? Well, they was greasing the tracks so that they will be very, very, very slippery.

"This is gonna be the best prank ever," said Sir Handel.

"Yeah," said Bill.

"Totally," said Ben.

In no time, they was finished.

"There," said Sir Handel, "now all I have to do is wait for my victim to come."

The trio then hid in a siding and soon heard James coming down the track. He was taking a few tankers of chocolate syrup to the ice cream factory, and he was singing while he worked.

"We built this city," James sang, "we built this city on rock and roll!"

However, James started feeling his wheels going very fast.

"What the," James gasped, "what's going on?!"

"I don't know," said his driver, "we may have hit a very slippery part of track!"

James then realized he was going really fast.

"HELP," cried James.

His driver applied the brakes, but the brake lever broke.

"It's no good," said the driver, "the darn thing's broke!"

"Fantastic," said James.

James was then diverted onto another track which was leading toward an abandoned building.

"Oh, snap," cried James.

James shut his eyes while his crew and the conductor in the brake van jumped free. In the siding, Sir Handel was pleased at what he was seeing, but Bill and Ben were kinda skeptical.

"Shouldn't we do something," asked Ben.

"I dunno," said Bill, "should we?"

"Nah," said Sir Handel, "eveything's going to plan."

Sir Handel didn't know that the tracks were diverted, so he didn't hear James crashing into the building, sending broken glass and brick dust everywhere.

"Phew," said James, "I'm glad that's over."

But James' good feelings quickly turned bad as he saw a heavy roof beam starting to fall.

"Aw, crud," said James.

The beam fell on top of James and he soon blacked out.

Later, Sir Handel went into Totally 60's to join Bill and Ben, but when he tried to sit by them, they just glared at him.

"Hey," said Sir Handel, "What gives?"

"Didn't you hear the news," asked Bill.

"What news," asked Sir Handel.

"James is in the Steam Works," said Ben.

Sir Handel was shocked.

"Oh, no," Sir Handel said.

" "Oh, no" is right," said Bill, "you should see his current state."

With that, Sir Handel left, but not before ordering his usual banana milkshake with a chili dog and curly fries to go. When he arrived at the Steam Works, he was shocked at the mess James was in. His dome and funnel were severely bent, his front buffer beam was badly mangled, and there were several dents in his boiler from falling bricks. Emily, Edward, Molly, Thomas, Gordon, and Ernie were beside James, and Emily's eyes were red. It was obvious she had been crying.

"Whoa," said Sir Handel, "what a wreck."

Emily heard Sir Handel, and immediately flew into a rage when she saw him.

"You idiot," Emily screeched, "what the heck is wrong with you?! You almost killed him!"

"I swear," said Sir Handel, "I didn't mean for this to happen!"

But Emily wasn't buying it, and she slapped Sir Handel really hard in the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek.

"Ow," Sir Handel cried.

"That's what you get for what you did to my boyfriend," said Emily.

"Emily," said Ernie, "I understand you're upset, but that was very uncalled for."

Then Ernie turn to Sir Handel.

"And because of you," said Ernie, "James won't be going back to work for three months."

"Yeah," said Thomas, "thanks a lot, you little blue pest."

"Thomas," said Gordon, "please don't get involved."

"Yes, sir," said Thomas.

Sir Handel then left the Steam Works and started on his way home. In no time, he did arrive home, where he found Duke watching Wheel Of Fortune with the rest of the Narrow Gauge Engines on TV.

"Hey, Sir Handel," said Duke, "how does pizza from Pizza Planet sound for dinner?"

"Okay, I guess," said Sir Handel.

"Is something wrong," asked Rusty.

"I just want to be on my own right now," said Sir Handel.

Sir Handel then went to his room and closed the door tight.

"What have I done," Sir Handel asked as a tear rolled down his cheek.

The next day, Rheneas came to get himself some breakfast.

"Okay," said Rheneas, "what shall I have?"

Rheneas tried looking for bread in the breadbox to make toast, but it was empty.

"Oh yeah," said Rheneas, "I forgot Peter Sam used the last two pieces to make his lunch yesterday."

Rheneas then decided to have some cereal, but the only problem with that was was that the cereal was in the pantry. Rheneas gulped.

"Oh boy," said Rheneas, "I bet there's a fake snake in that pantry with my name on it like Sir Pranks-a-lot did to Duncan last Wednesday."

Nevertheless, Rheneas knew he had to open the pantry to get his cereal, so he slowly opened the pantry, sweat pouring down his smoke-box. But much to his surprise, there was no snake.

"That's funny," said Rheneas, "no snake. Someone must've removed it."

Rheneas then got out the box of CoCo Puffs, poured some into a bowl, then poured some milk in it. He then proceeded to eat his breakfast while watching Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command on TV.

"Either Sir Handel finally got out of his pranking knack or I'm just dreaming," said Rheneas.

Elsewhere, Peter Sam was getting ready to paint a picture in his studio. But before he even started painting, he checked his jar of red paint, since he knew Sir Handel liked to swap it with ketchup. However, when he opened the jar and held it under his nose, he smelled not ketchup, but paint.

"Strange," asked Peter Sam, "he must not be in the mood today."

In Rusty's room, Rusty was just about to play his guitar, but carefully studied it, since he knew that Sir Handel liked to swap the strings around, but was very surprised to find that all the strings were in the correct order, from lowest to highest.

"Is this reality," asked Rusty, "or just a dream to me?"

Later that morning, Duncan was turning on his Xbox to play Shadow The Hedgehog, but used caution when he opened the disc drive, because he knew that Sir Handel had put an English muffin in the disc drive the previous Saturday as a prank. However, the disc drive was 100% clean when it popped out.

"What is going on," asked Duncan.

Later that afternoon, all the Narrow Gauge Engines minus Sir Handel were having a meeting.

"Has anyone noticed something," asked Rheneas.

"Yeah," said Rusty, "No pranks."

"Yeah," said Rheneas, "Sir Handel usually has pranks set up all over the place."

"But not today," said Peter Sam, "which is weird."

"If he finally stopped pranking people," said Duncan, "I'll be thrilled."

Meanwhile, Duke was grocery shopping, and he saw Ernie.

"Hello, Mister Devlin," said Duke.

"Hey, Duke," said Ernie, "there's something I've been wanting to talk to you about."

"What is it," asked Duke.

"Well," said Ernie, "Sir Handel's been acting very different lately."

"How different," asked Duke.

"Well," said Ernie, "he's been very helpful. He helped Henry water his flowers, he bought an old homeless man some lunch from Totally 60's, and he even took Bubbles and Anabella to and from their ballet class yesterday."

"That isn't like him," said Duke, "usually he's causing trouble. Then again, I have to be proud of him."

Later, when Duke came home, he found Sir Handel outside digging a hole in the front yard.

"Sir Handel," asked Duke, "what are you doing?"

"Oh, nothing," said Sir Handel, "just doing some backwards treasure hunting."

Sir Handel then placed a large wooden box in the hole and covered it up with dirt.

"What was in that box," asked Duke.

Sir Handel sighed.

"All my pranking equipment," said Sir Handel.

Duke was surprised.

"You buried your prank equipment," asked Duke, "but why?"

"I don't want to talk about it," said Sir Handel.

"I understand," said Duke, "well, when you're ready to tell me, just come and see me."

"Will do," said Sir Handel.

Later that night, Duke was reading a copy of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald when Sir Handel came to see him.

"Duke," said Sir Handel, "I'm ready to tell you."

"Okay," said Duke.

Duke put a bookmark in the book and set the book down.

"So, my boy," said Duke, "what's troubling you?"

"I played a very bad prank on James," said Sir Handel, "I greased the tracks and made them all slippery, then he crashed into a building and now he's in the Steam Works and won't be out for three months!"

Then Sir Handel began to cry. Duke immediately comforted the blue engine.

"There, there," said Duke, "it's alright. Why didn't you tell me the first time?"

"I'm sorry," Sir Handel sobbed, "but I was worried you might be mad at me!"

"I'm not mad," said Duke, "but I am a little upset that you didn't tell me right away. Though, I am glad you told me tonight."

"I wish there was some way I could make it up," said Sir Handel.

"Tell you what," said Duke, "tomorrow, we'll go to the Steam Works to visit James."

"Sounds good," said Sir Handel.

The next day, Duke and Sir Handel went to visit James at the Steam Works. When they arrived, they saw that James had been fitted with a new dome and funnel.

"Hey, James," said Duke, "how are you feeling?"

"Pretty good," said James, "stinks I have to stay here for three months. Victor said they're placing an order for a new boiler and it won;t be here until next week."

"Well," said Duke, "at least you're getting better."

"Yeah," said James.

"By the way, James," said Sir Handel, "it was me who greased the tracks. I didn't mean for you to end up like this. I'm very sorry."

James smiled.

"All is forgiven, little buddy," said James.

"Thanks," said Sir Handel, "I brought you a gift."

Sir Handel then handed James a box that was wrapped in blue wrapping paper. When James opened it, he was surprised at what he saw.

"Cool," said James, "A Brian Setzer bobble-head! Thank you!"

"No problem," said Sir Handel.

"Come on, Sir Handel," said Duke, "let's head home."

With that, the two engines went home. When they arrived, the other Narrow Gauge Engines were waiting.

"Hey, Sir Handel," said Rusty, "we got a present for you."

Duncan then handed Sir Handel a box wrapped in yellow wrapping paper, orange ribbon, and green and red star stickers all over it.

"Go ahead," said Duncan, "open it!"

When Sir Handel opened the box, a cream pie on a spring, which was really just a pie crust filled with whipped cream, sprung out and hit Sir Handel in the face, which caused Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Rusty, and Duncan to laugh.

"Gotcha," Duncan laughed out loud.

Sir Handel tried not to, but he laughed along with them.

"Well," said Sir Handel, "I guess I can safely say that I've had a taste of my own medicine."

Even Duke thought it was funny, and he laughed along too. However, Duncan was in for an unexpected surprise when he went to brush his teeth after breakfast the next day. When he sqiurted the toothpaste onto his toothbrush, he found it wasn't toothpaste at all, but a tube of pressed avocado disguised as a tube of toothpaste. A familiar laugh filled the air and Duncan rolled his eyes.

"Here we go again," said Duncan.

But Duncan had to be pleased, since he was able to bring back the old Sir Handel.

The End

Notes Edit

  • Sir Handel has a major character flaw in this episode, as he acts the exact opposite of his usual self he pranks James.
  • When James crashes into the building, the famous Wilhelm scream can be heard.

References Edit

  • The Cowsills: Rusty's reaction to Sir Handel supposedly stopping his pranking is the lyrics to "The Rain, The Park, And Other Things" by this famous American family band.
  • King Arthur: Rheneas' name for Sir Handel is a play on the characer Sir Lancelot from the famous British legend of King Arthur
  • Starship: The song James was singing was "We Built This City" by this American rock band.

Moral Edit

Always tell the truth if you do something bad, even if you fear you might get in trouble for it.