Scootch Raccoon

Scootch Raccoon is the deuteragonist of We're The Raccoons.


Full Name: Scott "Scootch" Adam Raccoon

Also Known As: Scootchers

Species: Raccoon

Gender: Male ♂

Birthday: October 23, 2014

Age: 3

Relatives: Walter Raccoon (father), Wanda Raccoon (mother), Pinch Raccoon (older sister), Megan Raccoon (paternal grandmother), Timothy Schafer (maternal grandfather)

Hair Color: Dark Gray, Gray, and White

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Peach


Yellow fish-like shoes.


  • Scootch shares his birthday with Australian singer, musician, and actor Lachlan Gillespie, who is currently the purple wiggle in the Australian children's band The Wiggles, replacing Jeff Fatt.
  • Scootch has Autism, and as a result is very rambunctious and bursting with energy, so he attends an after-school program taught by Butch Cassidy on Fridays at the Elementary school.
  • Scootch likes to dance to songs by the Australian children's band The Wiggles to burn off any extra energy he as.