Plot Edit

As they're being pursued by Elmer Fudd, the kids seek help from Bugs Bunny and Along the way, they're in for some serious Duck season, Rabbit season situation.

Trivia Edit

  • Bugs Bunny reminisces the events of What's Opera, Doc?, Slick Hare, Easter Yeggs, Rabbit Of Seville, Hare Brush, Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Seasoning and Duck! Rabbit, Duck!.

Cast Edit

  1. Ariel Winter as Beth
  2. Issac Ryan Brown as Oliver
  3. Tara Strong as Dinah
  4. Kath Soucie as Penny
  5. Kimiko Glenn as Lila
  6. Billy West as Elmer Fudd
  7. Jeff Bergman as Bugs Bunny
  8. Dee Bradley Baker as Daffy Duck

Transcript Edit

(The episode starts off with the kids running for their lives.)

  • All: (Panting).
  • Lila: "Here! We can all hide behind these trees. We'll be safe whoever someone is chasing us. C'mon! Hurry!"

(They hide behind a tree. Elmer Fudd is on the hunt.)

  • Elmer Fudd: "Be vewy vewy quiet! I'm chasing some kids!"

(The kids were all stacked together to hide behind the tree.)

  • Lila: (Gasps)"Elmer Fudd! He's after us!"
  • Oliver: "What'll we do. We need help."
  • Beth: "And I know someone who can help."
  • All: "Bugs Bunny!"
  • Dinah: "C'mon! Let's go before Elmer Fudd finds us all."

(The kids raced off to a rabbit hole.)

  • Penny: "Bugs Bunny! Hello! You there?"

(Bugs Bunny pops out.)

  • Bugs: "Eh. What's up, docs?"
  • Beth: "We need your help, Bugs Bunny."
  • Oliver: "You see, we were being pursued by a familiar hunter enemy of yours."
  • Bugs: "Guess you Guys might've seen Elmer Fudd."
  • Lila: "Wait a minute. You know him."
  • Bugs: "Know him? Yes! In fact, there were some chases, and when it comes to Daffy, you know there's gonna be some serious duck season, rabbit season situation."
  • Dinah: "Figures!"
  • Bugs: "You see, Elmer always tries to get me. Even in a musical opera, a restaurant, during Easter, in a musical theatre and so much more. But, we weren't always ourselves."
  • All: "You weren't."
  • Penny: "What happened to you guys."
  • Bugs: "We kind of switch places with each other."
  • Lila: "Well. That sounds totally gruesome! Even by our standards!"
  • Bugs: "Yeah! I know. I know. And who can forget where Daffy tries making the hunting season, Rabbit Season. But, I retalliate in return claiming the hunting season, Duck Season."
  • Dinah: "You and Daffy are really into this so called Duck season, Rabbit season thing. Sometimes, I paired up with you if my friendship with Daffy is not all it's quacked up to be!"
  • Bugs: "Yep! So, you see kids. If you want some help. Surely, I'm help you. Us rabbits gotta know how to stick by our friends. Even kids."
  • Lila: "Alright! Thanks, pal! Let’s all work together."

(They went out of the rabbit hole.)

  • Lila: "I think the coast is clear? Hey! Who put up these signs."
  • Penny: "This can only mean one thing. Daffy Duck! C'mon!"

(They all get out of the hole and follow Daffy as he puts up the signs.)

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