Murdoch is one of the main protagonists of The Railroad Girl.


Full Name: Murdoch The Big Orange Engine

Also Known As: Murdoch The Mighty

Species: Steam Engine

Gender: Male ♂

Age: 47

Relatives: Robert A. Riddles (designer), Crewe (builders) Molly (daughter)

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey


Murdoch is a large orange tender engine with orange paint paint with green and red lining with name plaques bearing his name on his smoke deflectors.


  • Murdoch was once painted maroon with yellow lining, but when he came to Winter City, he was repainted orange with green and red lining because since he was working on a new railway, he wanted a new look.
  • Murdoch hates noisy places and wants peace and quiet.
  • Murdoch has worked at Marseille at some point before he came to Winter City.