~Millie is a supporting protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Millie The French Narrow Gauge Engine


Also Known As: Mill

Species: Narrow Gauge Steam Engine

Gender: Female

Age: 8

Relatives: Decauville (designer and builder), Peter Sam (boyfriend), Sir Handel (crush on his side)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey

Appearance Edit

Millie is painted French blue with white lining, a golden running board, boiler bands and wheel spokes, and her name painted in white on the sides of her tank.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Sir Handel tries desperately to win her affections, Millie prefers Peter Sam because she thinks he (Peter Sam) is a very good artist
  • She is a youthful, fun-loving, friendly engine who is full of spirit, and can be fiery when angered
  • She is also fair-minded and never spiteful
  • She will take it upon herself to teach an uppity engine a lesson, should she feel the need
  • She is the only engine in Winter City to hail from France
  • She knows quite a bit about French culture and language
  • She is the only other engine besides Duke without buffers

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