Meet The Parents is the fourth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Frank and Joey's parents, Fenton and Laura, come to town for a day, and come over to meet the Loud girls.


One day, Frank and Joey were cleaning the kitchen, when Lynn came inside.

"Hey guys", Lynn said, "what's..."

"Sorry Lynn", Joey said, "we can't talk now."

She then noticed them working hard.

"What's going on", Lynn asked, "you guys are acting like the president of the United States is coming over for dinner."

"Our parents are coming over", Frank said, "and we want to show them we live all right."

"What's wrong with how we live", Lynn asked.

Lori was texting on the couch, Luan was chasing Leni with a fake spider, Luna was playing loud music, Lucy was reading poetry, Lola was racing in her princess car against Lana on her pogo stick, and Lisa was doing an experiment that resulted in an explosion.

"Everything", Frank said, "I don't want our parents to think you are halfwits."

"Okay", Lynn said, "what do we have to do?"

"Nothing", Frank said, "just be yourselves, and hopefully, this should go fine."

Lana walked over with her pet lizard, Izzy, in a cage.

"I want to show Izzy to them", Lana said.

"Now way Lana", Joey said, "our mom is very afraid of lizards."

Lana sighed and took Izzy up to her and Lola's room, where Luan peeked in.

"Tonight's gonna be a good nihgt", Luan said.

Luan opened the cage and released Izzy.

"Alright Izzy", Lana said, "be free."

Later that night, Fenton and Laura arrived at the house.

"Mom, dad", Joey said, "so nice to see you again."

"You too boys", Fenton said.

"So", Laura said, "where are these friends of yours?"

"Right this way", Frank said.

As they saw the girls, they were suddenly shocked.

"It's those same girls", Fenton said.

"You know them", Joey asked.

"Well", Fenton and Laura said.


Felton and Laura were watching Lynn dancing in the mall in horror.

"Oh yeah", Lynn said, "go Lynn, it's your birthday."

Another time, Felton and Laura were going to the hospital to get stitches in Laura's thumb.

"Just relax", Felton said, "what could happen."

Leni then walked by covered in what they thought was blood.

"Oh my gosh", Fenton exclaimed.

Another time, Luna was being pushed into a police car by the local sheriff.

"Just get in", the sheriff said.

End Flashback

"Oh", Joey said.

"Anyways", Laura said, "I don't believe we got your names."

"I'm Lori", Lori said, "and this is Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, and Lisa."

"Well, I'm Laura", Laura said, "and this is my husband Fenton."

"Fenton", Lana said, "that's the most ridiculous..."

She then noticed Frank and Joey doing hand motions.

"I mean interesting name I've ever heard", Lana said.

"Anyways", Fenton said, "we brought a tuna fish casserole for dinner tonight."

"Yum", the girls said.

They ate the casserole at the dinner table.

"This is delicious", Leni said.

"Thanks", Laura said, "it's my recipe."

"May I have more please", Luan asked.

"Certainly", Laura said.

Laura got Luan some more casserole, and noticed Izzy on it.

"A lizard", Laura screamed.

"Don't worry", Lynn said, "I got it!"

Lynn reached out over the table, but knocked Luna's casserole on her (Luna's) outfit.

"Why you", Luna said.

Luna grabbed Lynn and fought her, and during that, Izzy ran under the couch.

"Izzy, come back", Lana said.

She then accidentally spilled water on Lola's dress, making her (Lola) mad.

"I'm goanna kill you", Lola said.

While the two pairs were fighting, Luan was laughing.

"Sit down", Frank shouted.

Lynn, Luna, Lana, and Lola quickly sat down, and Luan calmed down.

"Somebody get that lizard", Joey said.

Frank reached under the couch and grabbed Izzy and put him in Lana's hat.

"Lana", Frank said, "I told you to keep that lizard in your room."

"But Frank", Lana said, "I..."

"No buts", Frank said, "take this lizard to your room right now."

As Lana walked away, Lisa walked over to the table with her PearPad.

"It wasn't Lana who did this", Lisa said, "and this footage from tiny video cameras I put all over the house can prove it."

She then showed them a video of Luan releasing Izzy into the house.

"Luan", Frank said.

"Let me guess", Luan said, "I'm in trouble."

"Darn straight you are", Frank said, "you will go to your room without desert."

Luan sadly left the table and went to her and Lynn's room.

"Now that that's over", Frank said, "who's ready for dessert?"

Everyone (except Luan) ate some Harvey Wallbanger Cake for desert, and afterwards, Laura and Felton left.

"Come back soon", Leni said.

The End

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