Luna's Long Hair is the eighth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


After being teased at school for having short hair, Luna experiments ways to make her hair longer.


One day at the local high school, Luna was walking down the hall, when a teenage boy walked over.

"Hey look", the boy said, "it's that girl with the shaved head!"

Everyone laughed at Luna.

"You're just jealous", Luna said.

"Yeah", the boy said, "we're jealous about how masculine you look!"

Everyone laughed again, causing Luna to walk away.

"And for the record, I did not shave my head", Luna said.

Luna went into the girls' bathroom, locked herself in a stall, sat down, and began to cry.

"How can they say those mean things about my hair", Luna cried.

Later that night at dinner, Luna wasn't eating.

"What's wrong", Joey asked, "you haven't eaten all night."

"I'm just a little upset", Luna said, "everyone made fun of my short hair."

"Well", Lola said, "you do look a little like a boy."

Luna began to cry again.

"Lola, be nice", Joey said, "don't let what some teenagers say get to you."

"Okay", Luna said.

Later, Luna was getting ready for bed, and saw a box filled with baseball caps.

"These must be Lana's", Luna said.

Luna then picked up the box.

"This gives me an idea", Luna said.

The next day, everyone was heading out the door, when Luna walked by wearing a Bass Pro Shops cap.

"No one will see my hair", Luna said.

At school, Luna was walking down the hall, when the boy from the previous day flipped her cap off.

"Hey look", the boy said, "short-hair's so ashamed that she tried to hide her hair!"

Everyone laughed and Luan went in the bathroom like she did the other day.

"There must be some way I can hide my hair", Luna said.

Later, after school, Luna was at the mall with Leni.

"And they keep making fun of my short hair", Luna said.

"Well to be fair, it is kind of short", Leni said.

"That's not helping", Luna said.

"Sorry", Leni said.

"I need to hide my hair", Luna said.

"Maybe not", Leni said, "look."

Leni pointed to a wig store.

"Perfect", Luna said, "I can wear a wig."

Luna went inside and tried on different wigs, until she tried on a big long wig that was the same color as her hair.

"It looks good", Luna said, "now they'll never insult my hair again."

Luna paid for the wig and she and Leni walked out of the mall, and the horn on Frank and Joey's Pacer honked.

"Come on girls", Frank said.

Leni and Luna ran over to the Pacer and got in.

"Those guys are in for a surprise tomorrow", Luna said.

The next day, Luna walked into school wearing the wig.

"Whoa", a boy said.

Everyone took notice of Luna's long hair.

"What happened", another boy asked.

"Who knows", Luna said, "maybe I've grown out of my awkward phase."

Throughout the day, Luna walked around the school with everyone admiring her long hair.

"Wow", Luna said, "I might as well keep this wig on for the rest of the semester."

Later, school ended, and Luna was walking towards the exit.

"This day has been the best", Luna said, "no teasing about my hair at all."

Then, the boy who teased her pulled the wig off.

"Hey", the boy said, "she's a fake!"

Everyone began laughing, and Luna broke down crying on the floor.

"What a crybaby", the boy said.

Outside, Frank, who was walking Lana and Lola home, took notice of this.

"Poor Luna", Frank said.

Frank went inside and confronted the boy.

"Leave her alone", Frank said, "so what if she's got short hair, it's just fine the way it is."

Luna got up and stood next to Frank.

"Yeah", Luna said, "my hair is short, and I'm happy about it."

"Fine", the boy said.

Later, Luna walked home with Frank and the twins.

"Thanks for standing up for me back there", Luna said.

"No problem", Frank said, "I'm your friend, I wasn't goanna let you get teased like that."

Frank and Luna then walked home together.

The End


  • Lori, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, and Lisa are absent in this episode.
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