Luan Did It! is the fifth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


After being pranked by Luan, Lynn does various things in the house and blames Luan for them."


One morning, Lynn was washing her hair in the shower, and noticed something.

"Pink", Lynn asked, "what's making it..."

Then, she looked in a nearby mirror, and saw that the shampoo had made her hair pink.

"No", Lynn screamed.

She rinsed her hair out and washed it all over again with a different shampoo, and went outside in a towel to confront Luan.

"Where is Luan", Lynn asked.

"She's over there napping on the couch", Joey said.

Lynn walked over an woke Luan up.

"Luan", Lynn said, "what did you do to my shampoo?"

"I put some pink food coloring in it", Luan said.

"Well it's not funny", Lynn said, "I had to rinse it all out and wash it again with Leni's shampoo."

"I can't help myself", Luan said, "doing menial stuff to you guys just for my own amusement is my thing."

Lynn growled and walked away, and Luan grabbed her (Lynn's) towel, causing it to come off.

"Aw come on", Lynn shouted.

Later, Lynn had gotten dressed and was thinking to herself.

"There's got to be some way to get back at her", Lynn thought.

She then turned on Drake & Josh on the TV, and saw a clip that showed Megan letting Drake and Josh get in trouble for something she did, giving her (Lynn) an idea.

"That's it", Lynn said, "I'll get Luan in trouble for things I did."

She then turned the TV off and left the room.

"Let's start with a little cleanup", Lynn said.

Lynn went into the laundry room and put some extra detergent in the washing machine.

"When Joey comes in to do the laundry, he's in for a big surprise", Lynn said.

Joey entered the room and Lynn hid behind a nearby coat rack.

"3, 2, 1", Lynn said.

Then, the whole room was filled with suds, which was Lynn's cue to come in.

"What happened here", Lynn asked.

"I don't know", Joey said, "I came to do the laundry and the washing machine exploded."

"Oh my", Lynn said, "how could this happen?"

"Did you have anything to do with this", Joey asked.

"No", Lynn said, "maybe it was Luan."

"What makes you say that", Joey asked.

"She probably overloaded the washing machine with detergent as a joke", Lynn said.

"I see", Joey said, "Luan, come down here!"

Luan came downstairs.

"What happened here", Luan asked.

"You should know", Joey said, "you're the one who set this prank up."

"I don't remember doing this", Luan said.

"Yeah right", Joey said, "you are going to stay here and clean this mess up."

Joey walked away and Lynn walked into the dining room and checked to see if she was alone.

"The fun has just begun", Lynn said.

Later, Lynn found Lisa's PearPad lying around and got an idea.

"Sounds like it's time for another prank", Lynn said.

Lynn did something on Lisa's PearPad and sat it down.

"Now to just wait", Lynn said.

Lisa got on her PearPad to do some work, and a picture of the Ghost Clown popped up, scaring her.

"It's the Ghost Clown", Lisa shouted.

Joey quickly ran over.

"What happened", Joey asked.

"I just got on my PearPad to do some work and that evil clown picture popped up", Lisa said.

"Luan", Joey called.

Luan came downstairs.

"What's with you scaring the daylights out of Lisa", Joey said.

"I didn't upload that scary image on her PearPad, honest", Luan said.

"Go clean the attic", Joey said.

Luan went to the attic with a broom.

"I wish I still wore diapers", Lisa said.

Joey looked awkwardly at Lisa.

"Whoops", Lisa said, "did I say that out loud?"

"This is great", Lynn said.

Lynn spent all day doing things and blaming them on Luan, and soon everyone had eaten dinner.

"That was good", Lori said.

"Alright everybody", Joey said, "time for dessert."

Joey then got a chocolate cake from the outside fridge and brought it inside.

"Okay everybody", Joey said, "you may each have one slice."

Luan ran up, but Joey stopped her.

"Except for you Luan", Joey said, "you don't get any after everything you did today."

Luan sadly walked away and lied down on the couch.

"As for you Lynn", Joey said, "you get an extra slice."

"For what", Lynn asked.

"For telling us about Luan", Joey said, "if it weren't for you, she would've gotten away with it all."

Joey gave Lynn an extra slice and she sat down.

"Today brought more than revenge", Lynn said, "who knew it would bring extra dessert to?"

As Lynn ate her cake, she saw Luan crying on the couch, making her feel guilty, and she looked at her other piece of cake, making her feel even more guilty, untile she fell out of her chair and burst into tears.

"I can't take it anymore", Lynn cried.

Frank and Joey noticed this.

"What's wrong", Joey asked.

"I did everything today and blamed it on Luan", Lynn said.

"But why", Frank asked.

"She pranked me this morning", Lynn said, "I didn't like it, so I did all this fore revenge."

Luan got up and sat next to Lynn.

"Luan", Lynn said, "I'm very sorry for what I did today and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

Luan smiled and hugged Lynn.

"I forgive you", Luan said.

"Great", Lynn said, "and for further apology, I want you to have my extra slice of cake."

Lynn gave Luan the piece and she ate it.

"Aww", Leni said, "it's nice to see that they made up."

The next morning, Lynn was washing her hair again and looked in the mirror, seeing that Luan had snuck food coloring in the shampoo again.

"I see it's green this time", Lynn said.

The End


  • The things Lynn did in the montage to frame Luan are:
    • Puncturing all the tires on the Pacer with a letter opener.
    • Spreading salsa on Frank's ham sandwich.
    • Turning the volume and tone switches up all the way on Joey's Fender Stratocaster.
    • Putting a fake rat on Leni's pillow, causing her (Leni) to scream so loud that practically everyone in the neighborhood can hear her.
  • Innuendo: Lisa saying that she wished she still wore diapers meant that she pooped her pants out of fear.
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