Lacy Lana is the third episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


After an accident at the school playground, Lana must learn how to tie her shoes.


One day at Davy Jones Elementary School, Lana was playing hopscotch, when she tripped over and skinned her knee, causing her to cry.

"Ow", Lana said.

The teacher, Olivia Dervy, noticed this and walked over, helping Lana up.

"Oh dear", Olivia said, "come with me, Lana."

They went in the classroom, where Olivia put a Frozen Band-Aid on Lana's leg.

"I don't get it", Lana said, "how did I trip?"

"I see the problem", Olivia said.

She then showed Lana her (Lana's) shoe, which was untied.

"You forgot to tie your shoes", Olivia said, "you tripped on one of the laces."

"Whoops", Lana said, "I never learned."

"You should probably get help from someone at home", Olivia said.

At the end of the day, Lana got onto the bus with Lola and Lucy and went home.

"Come on", Lola said, "let's go get a snack."

Inside, the twins and Lucy were having some animal crackers, when Joey walked over.

"Hey guys", Joey said, "what's up?"

"Nothing", Lana said, "just having a snack."

Joey then noticed Lana's right pant leg rolled up, revealing the Band-Aid.

"Where'd you get the Band-Aid", Joey asked.

Lana then noticed it and rolled her pant leg down.

"I'm just wearing it for a friend", Lana said.

"Nice try", Joey said, "no one wears a Band-Aid for another person."

"Alright", Lana said, "I tripped on my shoelace."

"Why", Joey asked.

"I don't know how to tie my shoes", Lana said.

"Well maybe I can help", Joey said, "come with me."

They went to the back porch and sat down.

"Okay Lana", Joey said, "let's see you try."

Lana simply tied her shoelaces into knots.

"That's not goanna help much", Joey said.

"Well what would you do", Lana asked.

"The circle technique", Joey said, "I used it when I was a kid."

"How does it work", Lana asked.

"I'll show you", Joey said, "first, let your shoelaces fall on either side f your shoe."

Lana did the first step.

"Next, tie two knots, but don't tighten the second one", Joey said.

Lana did the second step.

"Next, thread your shoelaces into loops", Joey said.

Lana did the third step.

"And last of all, pull both the loops tight", Joey said.

Lana did the last step and her left shoe was tied.

"Great job", Joey said, "now let's see you do it with your other shoe."

Lana tied her other shoe no problem.

"Good work", Joey said, "you now know how to tie your shoes."

The next morning, Lana was getting ready for school, and put her shoes on.

"Now to tie them", Lana said.

Lana tied her shoes and went downstairs.

"Good", Joey said, "the bus is here."

Later that day at recess, Lana was playing hopscotch again, and didn't trip over.

"Man", Lana said, "feels good."

The End


  • Frank, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lisa are absent in this episode.
  • Innuendo: Lana lying about her Band-Aid by saying "I'm just wearing it for a friend" is a reference to "I'm just holding it for a friend", a common excuse used by people who take drugs.
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