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The kids go camping at Camp MapleWood along with Porky, Sylvester and Bugs. But, when they realized that Bigfoot is somewhere in the forest, they met him in person. Now, the gang have to work together to protect Bigfoot from Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Wile E Coyote, who have teamed up to hunt Bigfoot together.

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Cast Edit

  1. Ariel Winter as Beth
  2. Issac Ryan Brown as Oliver
  3. Jeff Bergman as Bugs Bunny/Sylvester
  4. Tara Strong as Dinah
  5. Kath Soucie as Penny
  6. Kimiko Glenn as Lila
  7. Bob Bergen as Porky Pig
  8. JP Karliak as Wile E Coyote
  9. Dee Bradley Baker as Daffy Duck
  10. Billy West as Elmer Fudd
  11. Mick Wingert as Bigfoot
  12. Jill Talley as Mom
  13. Brian Stepanek as Dad

Transcript Edit

(The episode starts off with the kids getting ready to go to summer camp.)

  • Beth: "I'm so excited for a week of summer camp!"
  • Oliver: "Me too!"
  • Lila: "Nothing like getting back to nature! Even wild animals."

(Unbeknowst of them, Wile E pops out of a bush)

  • Wile E: "Yes! This will totally be a camping trip no one will ever forget!"
  • Dinah: "Hey, Guys! We're here!"
  • Penny: "Hello!"

(Wile E hides as Dinah and Penny arrived to the kids.)

  • Beth: "This will totally be a camping trip we will never forget!"
  • Mom: "Alright, Kids!"
  • Dad: "You ready to go?"
  • All: "Ready!"

(Meanwhile, Porky and Sylvester hurried over and they use suction cups to hide behind the car.)

  • Wile E: "I don't know why? But, something tells me I better follow those kids and see what they're up to and where they're going."

(Wile E runs off. But, as he was looking around, a car runs him over.)

  • Wile E: "Ouch!"

(Sometime later, the kids arrived at Camp MapleWood.)

  • Lila: "Here we are! Camp MapleWood! We have arrived!"
  • Mom: "Alright, Kids! Why don't you explore the camp while we unpack."
  • All: "Okay."
  • Dad: "Have fun! Watch out for wild beasts!"
  • Both: "Dad!"
  • Dad: "Kidding!"
  • Mom: "Be careful, Kids!"
  • All: "We will!"
  • Beth: "Don't mind our father, girls!"
  • Oliver: "He can be a little bit funny sometimes."
  • Porky: "Hey, Kids! Wait up!"
  • All: "Porky?!"
  • Penny: "What are you and Sylvester doing here?"
  • Porky: "I heard that you guys are going on a wilderness adventure! So, I decided to t-t-tag along with Sylvester!"
  • Dinah: "Figures!"
  • Penny: "I know you and Sylvester go on scary adventures before."
  • Sylvester: (Screams).
  • Lila: "And Sylvester gets scared every time! Get off of me, you silly little coward!"
  • Beth: "Well. Anyway. It was nice of you and Sylvester to come along and join in on the fun, Porky!"
  • Oliver: "I mean, this is gonna be the best time here at Camp MapleWood."

(Sometime later, it was dusk. Mom and Dad were relaxing on lawn chair and the kids were having fun until...)

  • Radio: "We interrupt this program to give you a special report, witnesses believe that Bigfoot really does exist. He can be anywhere in the forest."

(Mom and Dad turned down the radio.)

  • Both: "Much better!"
  • Mom: "Tell you what, kids! Your father and I will be sleeping in a log cabin."
  • Dad: "Why don't you kids set up a tent just near the cabin."
  • All: "Alright!"

(As the kids were pitching a tent, they hear a crackling noise.)

  • Penny: "Shh. Did you guys hear something?"
  • Dinah: "Gee. I don't hear anything."
  • Oliver: "Me neither!"
  • Beth: "Lila! Did you hear anything?"
  • Lila: "Just you guys talking."
  • All: (Laughing).

(Suddenly, the crackling noise got louder.)

  • Penny: "Looks like it must be Bigfoot. Sometimes, people can hear the sound of his big feet from miles away."
  • Dinah: "You are overreacting! There is no such thing as bigfoot!"

(Porky and Lila shined their flashlights.)

  • Lila: "See, guys. Everything is gonna be..."

(The crackling noise got louder.)

  • All: (Gasping).

(They all huddle together.)

  • Lila: "Hello! Is anyone out here?"
  • All: (Screaming).

(At that moment, Bugs Bunny pops out.)

  • Bugs: "Eh. What's up, doc?"
  • All: "Bugs Bunny?!"
  • Lila: "What are you doing here? How were you able to follow us to Camp MapleWood?"
  • Bugs: "It's crazy! After hearing that you're going to summer camp. I decided to tunnel my way to join you. But, I got lost and ran into Elmer Fudd, who wants to shoot me, but, I was able to get away. But, then, I got hungry and as I was looking for food. I fell down and noticed footprints, making me realize that Bigfoot really do exist. But, eventually, after noticing Porky and Sylvester stowing away, I follow them, unaware that Wile E Coyote is following me. And that's when I found my way here."
  • Penny: "Good that you came here, Bugs. Because, we overheard on the radio that Bigfoot really does exist."
  • Dinah: "Seriously! You guys are overreacting!"
  • All: "Oh Brother!"

(Meanwhile...Daffy was relaxing in a pond, when suddenly...)

  • Radio: "The Zoological Society offered a substanial reward to anyone who can prove Bigfoot's existence."
  • Daffy: "A substantial reward! Oh boy!"
  • Elmer Fudd: "I got you now, you silly duck!"
  • Daffy: "Bye!"

(Daffy Duck runs off. But, then he trips and saw footprints.)

  • Daffy: "Oh man! These footprints! This proves that Bigfoot is real!"

(Meanwhile, Elmer Fudd is on the hunt as well.)

  • Elmer Fudd: "Be vewy, vewy quiet! I'm on the hunt!"
  • Bugs: "Oh no! Elmer Fudd! He's coming!"
  • Porky: "Sylvester! Whoa!"
  • Lila: "This way everyone!"

(They hurry off. Then, they run into Bigfoot.)

  • All: (Gasping).
  • Porky: "B-B-B-B-Bigfoot!"
  • Bigfoot: "Umm. Hello!"
  • Lila: "Are you really Bigfoot?"
  • Bigfoot: "Yep! That’s what I am."
  • Bugs: "Well. It was great meeting you. I'm Bugs Bunny, I'm a rabbit, this is Porky Pig, Sylvester the cat. And these are the kids. Beth, Oliver, Dinah, Penny and Lila!"
  • Bigfoot: "Hey, everyone!"
  • Dinah: "So, what are you doing here in the forest, Bigfoot?"
  • Bigfoot: "This is the Home for me! The forest is a perfect place for me."
  • Penny: "Figures!"

(Meanwhile, Daffy, Elmer and Wile E are on a hunt of their own. Until, they all bumped into each other.)

  • Elmer Fudd: "Aha! I got you now, you scwewy rodent!"
  • Wile E: "You don't understand! I'm Wile E Coyote. The genius, remember? I'm on the hunt for the rabbit and I heard that Bigfoot is here somewhere."
  • Daffy: "Hey! I'm looking for Bigfoot as well."
  • Elmer Fudd: "Hey! I'm on the hunt for that wascally wabbit and that Bigfoot too!"
  • Daffy: "It seems as though we are all after the same thing. What say, we team up, huh?"
  • Wile E: "Oh. I know I'm gonna regret this!"
  • Elmer Fudd: "Okay. Fine!"
  • Wile E: "Allow me to use my Sniffer-Detector device! It can even track down Bigfoot. This way!"

(They went to find Bigfoot. Meanwhile, the gang hears the footsteps.)

  • Bigfoot: "Oh no! They picked up my scent! Someone help me!"
  • Bugs: "Here! Head for the bear cave!"
  • Lila: "Bugs! Do we have to? I mean, the bear is sleeping."
  • Bugs: "Exactly! But, I have an idea on how to slow down Daffy, Wile E and Elmer. Follow me!"

(They hurry over to the bear cave.)

  • Lila: "Here, Bigfoot! Grab on!"
  • Oliver: "Here comes the Guys!"
  • Beth: "Hurry!"
  • Wile E: "I think he went into that cave."
  • Elmer Fudd: "I have a bad feeling about this!"
  • Daffy: "Stop being chicken! We gotta focus!"
  • Elmer Fudd: "You'we wight!"
  • Wile E: "Oh no! A bear!"
  • Daffy: "Don't make any sudden moves! Any loud noise can wake up a bear!"
  • Elmer Fudd: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

(Elmer trips, and falls. But, to everyone's relief, the bear was still sleeping.)

  • Daffy: "C'mon! Let's get out of here!"

(They try to tiptoe out. But, on the way, Daffy steps on a stick.)

  • Bear: "Quiet! What's with all that noise! I'm trying to sleep! But, there's too much noise! Now, get out! There's too much noise! I can't stand noise!"

(The bear kicks the three out of the cave and they land in some bushes.)

  • Lila: "Great idea, Bugs!"
  • Porky: "Very clever indeed!"
  • Bigfoot: "Sure is! Ya know, bears can get seriously cranky during hibernation!"

(Meanwhile, Daffy, Elmer and Wile E have recovered, but, they have some leaves on them.)

  • Daffy: "Okay. Plan B, we listen."
  • Elmer Fudd: "Hey! I can hear stomping. It's this way!"

(They went off to follow the footsteps. Meanwhile, the gang hears the guys coming.)

  • Bigfoot: "Oh no! They found the sound of my big feet! Someone! Help!"
  • Dinah: "We're on it!"
  • Lila: "Bugs, Oliver and Beth, you guys distract the guys somehow, while we try to keep Bigfoot safe."
  • Penny: "I sure hope the guys can think of a way to distract the others."

(Dinah, Penny, Porky, Sylvester and Lila ran away with Bigfoot.)

  • Oliver: "Hmm. How can we distract the guys?"
  • Beth: "You got an idea, Bugs? Bugs?! Bugs Bunny?! Hey! Where did he go?"
  • Bugs: (Howls)
  • Oliver: "Aha! Follow that sound!"
  • Bugs: (Howls).
  • Beth: "There you are!"
  • Bugs: "Impressive, ain't it? Sometimes, I use imitations to fool anybody. Right now, I'm gonna howl up a way to distract the guys."
  • Oliver: "That‘s it! This oughta be perfect!"
  • Beth: "Alright! Let's do it!"

(Meanwhile, Daffy, Elmer and Wile E are still on the hunt, until...)

  • Bugs: (Howls).
  • Daffy: "What was that?"
  • Wile E: "Don't look at me! I'm a coyote!"
  • Bugs: (Howls).
  • Wile E: "I don't think that was me!"
  • Elmer Fudd: "Sounds like it's this way."
  • Oliver: "Here they come!"
  • Bugs: (Howls).

(Daffy, Wile E and Elmer entered a hollow log.)

  • All: (Screaming).
  • Beth: "C'mon! To the bramble patch!"
  • Bugs: (Howls).
  • Daffy: "This way!"
  • All: "Huh."
  • Bugs: "Eh. What's up, doc?"
  • Elmer Fudd: "It's that scwewy wabbit!"

(They scramble to climb up. But, they slip and fall in the brambles.)

  • Oliver: "Whoa!"
  • Beth: "That was so much fun!"

(In the distance, wolves appear.)

  • Wolves: (Howling).
  • Bugs: (Howls).
  • Oliver: "Wow!"
  • Beth: "How about it, Bugs. You are starting to become an honorary wolf!"
  • Bugs: "C'mon, Guys! Let's go catch up with the others!"

(The kids and Bugs hurry off. Meanwhile, Daffy, Wile E and Elmer had survived the fall. But, they got some brambles on them.)

  • Elmer Fudd: "Oh. We'll get that scwewy wabbit yet!"

(Meanwhile, the gang come to a berry patch.)

  • Bugs: "Hey, fellas!"
  • Bigfoot: "Oh look. A berry bush."
  • Elmer Fudd: "Aha!"
  • Wile E: "We gotcha now, Bigfoot."
  • Daffy: "And now, we'll be rich, and a happy miser! (Laughs) I was laughing too loud wasn't I?"
  • Both: "Yep!"
  • Wile E: "Let's grab that hairy beast before."
  • Daffy: "Wait."

(They noticed a rope loop over their feet.)

  • Lila: "Now!"

(Bugs let’s go of the rope and it sends Daffy, Wile E and Elmer flying.)

  • All: (Screaming).
  • Dinah: "Well. That was fun!"
  • Penny: "Sure is!"

(Daffy, Wile E and Elmer gets all tangled up.)

  • Bugs: "Smile, fellas! (Screams) Someone! Help! Save me! It's a three-headed Bigfoot."

(The next morning at the zoo.)

  • Bugs: "Well. We may have seen the real one, but, helping him was a wild experience."
  • Wile E: "Oh. Hardy-har-har!"
  • Daffy: "That rabbit's despicable!"

(The episode ends.)

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