How The Smudger Stole Christmas is the ninth episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

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Sick of being on the "Naughty" list every year at Christmas, Smudger decides to ruin the holiday for everyone else.

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One evening, a man in a black suit with a red tie, a gray fedora, and a tan trench coat was in a cafe looking at a newspaper while sipping a mug of hot tea.

"Well, hello there," said the man, "allow me to introduce myself. My name is Arnold Answerfetcher, and I'm the ace reporter for the Winter City Chronicle. I was just looking at this article I did about something that occurred during Christmas. Perhaps you'd like to hear about it. Well, here we go!"

The scene then faded to show the man at the Narrow Gauge Railway.

"It all started right here at the Narrow Gauge Railway," said the man, "where this fellow here appears to be unhappy."

The man was referring to Smudger, who was sulking in his shed, watching the other Narrow Gauge Engines get ready for the holidays. Rheneas and Skarloey were helping Duke decorate the tree, Peter Sam was making paper chains out of red and green construction paper to hang up on the tree and on the walls, Rusty was singing Christmas carols and playing his ukulele, and Duncan was going door to door selling Christmas wreaths. Even Sir Handel was in the holiday spirit. He was making a gingerbread model of himself.

"Boy," said Smudger, "do I hate Christmas."

Just then, the man heard a familiar whistle in the distance.

"Well, well," said the man, "it sounds like our own Number 1 tank engine, Thomas, is coming this way."

Thomas soon arrived at the Narrow Gauge Railway, where he saw Smudger in his shed, sulking.

"What's wrong, Smudger," asked Thomas, "you should be happy! It's Christmas!"

"So what," asked Smudger, "I hate Christmas!"

"But why," asked Thomas.

"Every year, the Jolly Old Fat Man puts me on his "Naughty" list and leaves me nothing but a lump of coal," said Smudger, "It's not fair!"

"Well," said Thomas, "if you didn't act like a jerk to Skarloey back in Episode 7, maybe you'll be on the "Nice" list."

"Whatever," said Smudger.

"Anyways," said Thomas, "I came here to give this fruitcake to your friends for their Christmas party this afternoon. Happy Holidays!"

"You wish," Smudger snorted.

Thomas dropped the fruitcake off with Duke and left. Once he was out of sight, Smudger backed up into an elevator that was in the back of his shed and pressed the "down" button, and the elevator began its descent.

"Where's he going," the man asked, "let's take a look and find out."

The elevator reached its destination and Smudger approached a control panel in the center of a large room, picked up a microphone, and pressed the "call" button. It didn't take to long for someone to respond.

"What's up," asked a voice.

"It's me," said Smudger, "come to my lair at once. I have an idea."

"Alright," said the voice, "we're on our way!"

"Okay," said Smudger, "see you soon!"

Smudger then hung up and cackled evilly.

"Those cheer-mongers are gonna be in for the biggest surprise of their lives," said Smudger evilly.

About 15 minutes later, two dump trucks entered the lair. Both of them were red, but had distinctive features that told them apart: one of them had the number "15" on his sides and a thick front bumper and the other had the number "16" on his sides and a "double pipe"-type front bumper.

"We're here, Smudger," said the first dump truck, "what's up?"

"Max, Monty," said Smudger, "I called you here because do you two know what today is?'

"It's Christmas Eve," said Monty, "so?"

"Well," said Smudger, "I hate this time of year."

Max and Monty gasped.

"You hate Christmas," asked Max.

"Yeah," said Smudger, "I said that like 15 seconds ago!"

"Why," asked Monty.

"Because," said Smudger, "I'm always on the "Naughty" list and get nothing but coal."

"Big deal," said Max, "sure, me and Monty misbehave sometimes, but we do our work like everyone else."

"Yeah," said Monty.

"But, seriously," said Max, "why did you call us here?"

"Because," said Smudger, "I just came up with the best idea any villain could ever have."

"And that would be," asked Max.

"I'm gonna ruin Christmas for everyone else," Smudger sneered, "and you two are gonna help me."

"How," asked Max.

"I'm glad you asked," said Smudger.

Smudger pulled down a chalkboard.

"Here's what we'll do," said Smudger, "we'll break into everyone's houses and steal all their gifts, decorations, and other stuff."

"Even the feast," asked Max.

Smudger sighed.

"Yes," said Smudger, "even the feast."

"Sounds like fun," said Monty, "but I somehow get the feeling I've seen something like this before."

"Yeah," said Max, "wasn't there something like this written in a book about some weird-looking green guy who tries to ruin Christmas?"

"Never you mind where you've seen something like this," said Smudger, "we're doing this tonight."

"Cool," said Max, "but is there any chance me and Monty have time to, I don't know, go to Totally 60's?"

"It's only 11:15," said Smudger, "so yes, though just one question: Why?"

"Because," said Monty, "we read online that it's not good to start a robbery on an empty stomach."

"Good point," said Smudger.

"Want us to bring you back something," asked Monty.

"Sure," said Smudger, "a grilled cheese with waffle fries and one of their Eggnog Milkshakes."

"Alright," said Max, "see you later."

With that, Max and Monty left while the man watched.

"Oh dear," said the man, "they appear to be following in the footsteps of the classic Christmas character made by Dr. Seuss! But apart from that, let's see how our other friends are doing."

Meanwhile, at his and his brother Edward's house, Thomas and his friend Ryan were watching the classic 1964 Rankin-Bass film Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on TV. Edward was out caroling with his friends James, Henry, and the Scottish twin engines, Donald and Douglas.

"Man," said Ryan, "I love this movie!"

"Me too," said Thomas, "this happens to be one of my favorite holiday movies!"

Just then, Thomas heard his phone vibrating.

"I wonder who that could be," Thomas thought.

When Thomas checked his phone, he saw that Max and Monty had done a Facebook update.

"Hey," said Thomas, "Max and Monty posted a Facebook status update."

"Max and Monty have Facebook," asked Ryan.

"Doesn't everyone," asked Thomas.

"Good point," said Ryan, "Wait a minute, why are you even friends with them?"

"Anyways," said Thomas, "it says "We're eating at Totally 60's and tonight, us and Smudger are gonna break into your houses to steal all of your Christmas stuff."."

"So they just posted it like that," asked Ryan.

"Yup," said Thomas.

"I wonder what Smudger has to say about that," asked Ryan.

"Good question, Ryan," said the man, who had been standing outside the whole time, "let's see."

Back at the lair, Smudger had seen the update and was furious.

"Max and Monty," Smudger yelled, "come over here right now!"

Max and Monty then entered the lair.

"Well," said Max, "that was a good meal. Anyways, we're back!"

"Did you enjoy your Totally 60's," asked Smuder.

"Well," said Monty, "those bean burritos gave us a little gas, but we're good."

"Good," said Smudger in an evil-sounding voice as he held up a croquet mallet.

"Why are you acting like that," asked Monty.

"Oh, I'll tell you why," said Smudger.

Smudger then bonked Max and Monty with the mallet.

"Ow," cried Max, "what was that for?"

"Why did you guys post that we're gonna be stealing everyone's Christmas stuff tonight on Facebook," Smudger roared.

"Well," said Max, "you know about those people who always post Facebook status updates whenever they hear of something or are bored outta their minds?"

"Idiots," said Smudger, "it's supposed to be a surprise theft! Hello! Anybody home?! Take a hint!"

"You know," said Max, "every time we've done something you don't expect, you always yell at us like you hate us."

"Yeah," said Monty, "why do you do that?"

"It's what villains do," said Smudger, "besides, whose idea was it to cast me as a villain in this show?"

"The guy who writes this," asked Monty.

"Precisely," said Smudger.

"Point taken," said Max.

"We begin our heist at 6:00 PM sharp," said Smudger, "so be ready!"

Smudger then went to the elevator and went back up to his shed.

"What's his problem," asked Max.

Later that evening, the man was standing outside the Narrow Gauge Engines' house, where everyone was having fun at their Christmas party.

"Yes, sir," said the man, "that pad was filled with high spirits and revelling engines! What a shindig!"

Inside, the engines were indeed having a good time. Stepney had been invited to be the DJ at the party.

"Ho, ho, ho, " said Stepney, "you're listening to DJ STEAMR at Christmastime, bringing you the Christmas hits you love!"

Just then, the man spotted Smudger and the dump truck twins opening the fuse box.

"Oh dear," said the man, "it looks like our three friends here are up to something devious."

Smudger then opened the box and pulled the power switch, turning the power completely off and causing everyone inside to panic.

"I'm scared," cried Skarloey, the youngest of the Narrow Gauge Engines.

"It's gonna be alright, Skarloey," said Rheneas, Skarloey's older brother, "Big Brother is here."

"Hold on, everyone," said James, "I'll go outside to try and get the power back."

James went outside and found the power switch in the "Off" position.

"Ah-ha," said James, "here's the trouble!"

James then switched the power back on, which caused everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.

"That was short," said Thomas.

"What caused it," asked Edward as James came back inside.

"Someone must've switched off the power," said James.

Just then, a scream flew through the room. It came from Peter Sam, the most artistic engine in Winter City.

"What's wrong," asked Duke, the oldest of the Narrow Gauge Engines.

"Look," said Peter Sam.

The other engines looked and saw all of their Christmas decorations and treats gone.

"Who did this," asked Thomas.

Sir Handel was most upset.

"They took Gingerbread Me," Sir Handel wailed.

Rusty, the only Narrow Gauge Engine who was a diesel, face-palmed.

"Dude," said Rusty, "it's just a dumb gingerbread sculpture. You can make another one."

"You don't understand," Sir Handel snapped.

And Sir Handel ran to his room, crying his eyes out.

"Why does he have to be so narcissist," asked Rheneas.

"I have no idea," said Peter Sam.

Skarloey was upset too.

"They took the cookies we left out for Santa," Skarloey cried.

"Don't worry, Skarloey," said Duke, "it's still early. We can always make another batch."

And that made Skarloey feel better. Outside, Smudger and his cronies were making off with a huge sack that had all of the stuff they stole from the party.

"The fun has just begun," said Smudger.

Meanwhile, back at the party, Duke spoke up.

"All of you should go to your homes to see if whoever's responsible for this heinous act stuck there," said Duke.

With that, everyone else besides the Narrow Gauge Engines went to their homes. When Thomas and Edward went inside theirs, they saw that all that was there was their TV, fridge, and other items, but all of their Christmas decorations were gone, and in their places were Command Designer Hooks that were used to hang up the wall decorations.

"Wow," said Thomas, "they weren't kidding!"

Edward looked at Thomas awkwardly.

"What do you mean," asked Edward.

"Earlier today," said Thomas, "I read a Facebook Status Update made by Max and Monty about them and Smudger breaking into our houses tonight and stealing all of our Christmas stuff. Of course, I shrugged it off because I thought they were just pulling a little stunt of Holiday Humor on us."

Edward then went to the kitchen, and came back with a horrified expression on his face.

"Not only did they take our decorations," said Edward, "but they also made off with the fruitcake for the Spotts for their Christmas feast!"

"And they took the tree too," said Thomas.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Come in," said Edward.

And in came James, who looked alarmed.

"They got into my place too," said James, "and they even took the crystal dove I was going to give to Emily!"

"How could this happen so close to Christmas Day," asked Thomas.

"We better head back," said Edward.

And they did. Doki immediately ran to Thomas.

"Dude," said Doki, "they got into my house as well! They took our tree, our decorations, the cookies we left out for Santa, our feast, our gifts and cards, and even the Nativity set!"

"Alright," said Thomas, "that tears it! You and me, we're gonna get to the bottom of this!"

"Yeah," said Doki.

Thomas then blew his whistle loudly to get everyone's attention.

"Everyone," said Thomas, "me and Doki here have decided that we'll be going out to find the jerks who boosted our Christmas stuff and get it back for everyone in time for Christmas Day!"

Everyone cheered.

"Get 'em, bro," said Edward.

"And please," said Greg, Doki's father, "be careful."

"We will," said Thomas as he and Doki set out while the man watched.

"It would seem as if two of our friends are going on a big adventure," said the man, "I just hope they find everything and bring it back in time for the big day."

Elsewhere, back at the lair, Smudger and his cronies were enjoying the fruitcake they had stolen.

"Whoever made this thing must've followed the recipe real well," said Smudger.

"Yeah," said Max, "this is the best fruitcake I've ever had!"

"Well," said Smudger, "now I think's the time to start robbing more houses."

With that, after finishing the fruitcake, they left. Soon, they had reached another house, but when they got inside, they couldn't find any Christmas decorations anywhere.

"They must've read your post and hidden all of their Christmas stuff," said Smudger.

"So," asked Max.

"So," said Smudger, "spread out and see if there is any Christmas stuff hidden anywhere. Bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, anywhere."

With that, the trio split up. Smudger checked the basement, Monty checked the ground floor, and Max checked the top floor. It didn't take too long for him to find something.

"I've got something," said Max.

They met in the living room.

"What'd you find," asked Smudger.

"This," said Max.

Max held up that looked like a spinning top with weird markings on the sides. When Smudger took a closer look, his eyes grew wide.

"That's not ordinary top," said Smudger, "that's a dreidel!"

Now it was Max and Monty's turn to be shocked.

"These people don't celebrate Christmas," said Max, "they celebrate Hanukkah!"

"What're you doing here," said a voice.

Smudger and his cronies looked up and saw an angry man wearing a yarmulke looking at them.

"Um," said Smudger meekly, "Happy Hanukkah, I guess?"

"Get out," said the man, "or I'm calling the police!"

"Alright, alright," said Smudger, "sheesh!"

Smudger and his cronies then left.

"Well," said Smudger, "That'll teach us which homes to avoid."

Meanwhile, Thomas and Doki had come to a cave with a weird metal door over the entrance and a button panel next to it.

"What's this," asked Doki.

"I have no idea," said Thomas, "but I wonder what that button does."

Thomas pressed the button and the door opened. Curious, Thomas and Doki went inside and found themselves on a platform. Four metal cuffs then clamped themselves onto Thomas' wheels.

"What's going on," asked Doki.

"Please remain seated and keep your arms and legs in at all times," said a computerized voice.

"What does that mean," asked Thomas.

Just then, a pneumatic hissing sound was heard and in a flash, Thomas and Doki were sent careening down a roller coaster-like track at the speed of light. Both were screaming their heads off.

"Somebody stop this thing," Thomas cried.

"Where are the seat belts on this thing," cried Doki.

In about a moment after the ride started, it stopped. Thomas and Doki's faces were as green as leaves.

"I think I'm gonna throw up," Thomas moaned.

Just then, Thomas smelled something odorous.

"Ew," Thomas said, "what is that?"

Apart from the odor he smelled, Thomas also felt something warm and wet on his footplate. It was obvious what that meant.

"Uh, Thomas," said Doki, "you know that super-fast loopty-loop?"

"Yeah," asked Thomas.

"Well," said Doki, blushing, "I guess it scared me so much I peed myself."

Thomas' face grew a deeper green.

"Now I know I'm gonna throw up," said Thomas.

"I'm really sorry," said Doki.

"It's alright," said Thomas, "Given the ride we were just on, I can relate."

"Yeah," said Doki.

Just then, Thomas smelled something much more pleasant than what he smelled before.

"Hey," said Thomas, "what's that smell?"

Doki smelled the something too.

"It smells like gingerbread to me," said Doki.

"It's coming from that direction," said Thomas, "let's go!"

Thomas and Doki followed the smell until they entered Smudger's lair.

"Whoa," said Thomas, "what's this place?"

"It looks like some kind of supervillain's lair," said Doki, "but whose?"

"I don't know," said Thomas.

Just then, Thomas spotted the Christmas tree that Smudger and his cronies had stolen from him and Edward, as well as many gifts, cards, other Christmas decorations, and a lot of food, which was placed on a large table, including the gingerbread Sir Handel.

"Look," said Thomas, "there's our Christmas stuff!"

"Well," said Doki, "we know where all our stuff is now. But who'd want to steal it?"

Just then, they heard the elevator.

"Quick," shouted Thomas, "hide!"

With that, Thomas and Doki ducked inside a storage compartment, where they peeked and saw Smudger, Max, and Monty enter with 3 more sackfuls of stolen Christmas items.

"So it was them all along," Thomas whispered.

"Those sons of nutcrackers," whispered Doki.

Just then, a fly came in out of no where and started buzzing around them.

"Shoo, fly," Thomas whispered harshly, "Don't bother us!"

"Hang on," Doki whispered, "I'll get it!"

Doki then tried to get the fly, and saw his chance to swat it real good when it landed on Thomas' forehead.

"Hold still," Doki whispered.

Thomas tried his very best to stay still, and Doki gave one smack of his hand and the fly was no more.

"Glad that's over," Thomas whispered as he flicked the dead fly off his forehead.

The two watched as the three thieves unloaded their fresh loot.

"Oh man," said Smudger, "this has been the best heist ever!"

"Yeah," said Max.

"Especially when we stole this eggnog from those people who live next door to Ernie," said Monty.

Thomas and Doki were shocked.

"They robbed Tinker and his friends, too," Doki whispered.

Just then, Thomas felt a tickle in his nose.

"Uh oh," Thomas whispered in a stuffed-up voice, "I feel a sneeze coming on!"

"Don't do it," Doki hissed, "we're gonna get caught!"

But Doki really couldn't stop Thomas from sneezing, and the latter sneezed a sneeze that was so loud it caught Smudger's attention.

"We have company," said Smudger, "get them!"

Max and Monty then grabbed Thomas and Doki.

"Let us go, you jerks," Doki snapped.

"What do we do with them," asked Max.

"Ice them," said Smudger.

With that, Doki's hands were bound behind his back and he was secured to a harness with a rope attached in the back and hooked up to a pulley system while a giant claw was clamped onto Thomas. Directly under them was a pit full of icy water.

"Got anything you'd like to say before we lower you into that icy pit," asked Smudger.

"Yes, actually," said Doki.

"Alright," said Smudger, "fire away."

"Tell me," said Doki, "what is Christmas all about?"

"That's easy," said Smudger, "getting all those gifts!"

"Ah, but you're wrong there," said Doki, "there's actually more to that. I know it may be fun to get presents at Christmastime, but Christmas isn't about getting lots of presents. It's about spending time with your family and it's a time of giving, not getting. In fact, some boys and girls live in families that can't afford to buy gifts or even a whole feast at Christmastime. And some don't even have parents to spend Christmas with or any other living relatives for that matter."

"Yeah," said Thomas, "Just think about that for a second, would you?"

Smudger, Max, and Monty were so touched by Doki's speech that they were almost in tears.

"Wow," said Smudger, "I guess I should've been more considerate."

"Now," said Doki, "be honest with me, why do you have to be so mean, especially to Skarloey?"

Smudger sighed.

"On my old railway," said Smudger, "I was bullied by the other engines. They would always call me a pipsqueak since I was the only narrow gauge engine there. And they would always biff me around in the yard. It got to the point where I wanted to escape that old railway and go somewhere different. And the worst thing, my driver and fireman wouldn't even do a thing about it, those morons!"

Now it was Doki and Thomas' turn to be shocked.

"You mean," said Doki, "you thought of running away?"

"Yup," said Smudger, "but thankfully, I didn't and the controller of my other railway found out. He then fired my driver and fireman, punished the engines who bullied me, and offered to transfer me here. And I guess being bullied there took a huge toll on my personality."

Thomas and Doki were touched. In fact, they felt like someone had set off a crate of dynamite in their hearts. Both were almost in tears.

"Wow," said Thomas, "that's deep."

"Yeah," said Doki.

Smudger then turned to his dump truck henchmen.

"Release them," said Smudger.

Max and Monty did as they were told.

"Now," said Thomas, "we'll make a deal with you guys."

"Shoot," said Smudger.

"If you three return everything you stole," said Thomas, "we'll ask Duke if you can join the Narrow Gauge Engines' feast tomorrow. And we might even give you something."

"Buddy," said Smudger, "you've got yourself a deal! And we might bring you guys something, too."

"Cool," said Thomas.

"Now," asked Doki, "how do we get out?"

"You can take the elevator," said Smudger.

"Thanks," said Thomas, "and Merry Christmas!"

"Same to you," said Smudger.

With that being said, Smudger, Max, and Monty wasted no time returning all of the things they stole back to their rightful owners while the man watched from a window in his office at the Winter City Chronicle.

"Well," said the man, "after Smudger, Max, and Monty returned all of the stolen items, I got wind of this whole scheme and I made a story of it."

The man then held up a newspaper with the story. The headline read "Christmas Almost Ruined But Saved By Heroic Tank Engine-Dog Duo!".

"And when I showed my editor," said the man, "he liked it so much he let me have my own office."

The man then looked at the clock on his desk and saw that it was almost 6 o'clock.

"Well," said the man, "I've got to go for now. Maybe tomorrow, we'll see how things with the Narrow Gauge Engines are."

The scene then transferred to show the Thomas and Edward with the Narrow Gauge Engines at their Christmas feast with Smudger on Christmas Day.

"It's nice of you to join us," said Duke.

"And thanks for returning Gingerbread Me," said Sir Handel.

"No problem," said Smudger.

Just then, Edward entered with the turkey.

"Here it is," said Edward, "the bird!"

"Yum," said Skarloey.

Soon, after Edward said grace for the meal, they began dining. After which, Smudger went over to the couch and pulled out a large sack.

"Guys," said Smudger, "out of gratitude for inviting me to join you, I've sacrificed all of my free time to buy you all gifts.

"Oh, really," said Edward, "that's nice of you."

"Youngest to oldest," said Smudger, "okay?"

"Okay," said Duke, "Skarloey, you first."

Skarloey opened his gift and found a VHS tape of The Wiggles' fourteenth video, Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins!.

"Wow," said Skarloey, "Thanks!"

"No problem," said Smudger.

"Alright, Rheneas," said Duke, "your turn!"

When Rheneas opened his gift, he found a Buzz Lightyear action figure.

"Cool," said Rheneas, "it looks just like the one from the movie! Thanks, Smudger!"

"No problem," said Smudger.

"My turn," said Sir Handel.

When Sir Handel opened his gift, he found a coconut-scented air freshener for his cab.

"Cool," said Sir Handel, "This'll surely make me smell good. Thanks, Smudger!"

"No sweat," said Smudger.

"Alright," said Duke, "who's next?"

"Me," said Peter Sam.

When Peter Sam opened his gift, he found a Bob Ross Deluxe Paint Set.

"Sweet," said Peter Sam, "Thank you, Smudger! I've had my eyes on one of these for a long time!"

"You're welcome," said Smudger.

"Next," said Duke.

Next was Rusty, and when he opened his gift, he found a Fender ESC80 classical guitar

"Far out," said Rusty, "Thank you."

"It's alright," said Smudger.

"And last but not least," said Duke, "Duncan!"

Duncan opened his gift and found a Nerf Stockade dart blaster.

"Alright," said Duncan, "Thank you, Smudger!"

"Don't mention it," said Smudger.

Soon, everyone else had opened their gifts. Duke got a copy of Moby Dick, Thomas got a Captain America action figure, and Edward got a cookbook specializing in recipes from Spain.

"Thank you very much," said Edward.

"No problem," said Smudger, "anytime!"

"And now," said Thomas, "it's time for you to open yours."

Thomas then handed Smudger a tubular object wrapped in green wrapping paper. When Smudger opened it, he found a poster commemorating one of his favorite bands, Metallica.

"Wow," said Smudger, "A Metallica poster!"

"But wait," said Thomas, "there's more!"

Thomas then looked and winked at Skarloey, who then then handed Smudger a big red envelope. When Smudger opened it, he saw it was a big Christmas card on poster board that had drawings Skarloey had done of himself and the other narrow gauge engines including Smudger around a Christmas tree singing a Christmas carol. At the top, he had written "Merry Christmas, Smudger From All Of Us!" and had Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, and Duke's signatures.

"Thank you all so much," said Smudger as a few tears trickled down his cheeks, "this has been the best Christmas ever!"

"You're welcome," said Duke.

"Oh," said Smudger, "and I decided that for the rest of the year, I'll be bad, but at Christmas, I won't do a single rotten thing to any of you!"

"Sounds good to me," said Duke.

Everyone laughed while the man watched from outside, smiling.

"Well," said the man, "there you have it, folks. The story of how one engine tried to ruin Christmas for everyone."

The man then waved to the viewers as he started on his way.

The End

Notes Edit

  • This is by far the longest episode in terms of length
  • The fourth wall was broken when Smudger asked Max and Monty who had the idea of casting him as the villain of the series, and Monty replied with "The guy who writes this."
  • This is the series' first episode to focus on a holiday

References Edit

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The title and major plot of this episode is a parody of the classic Christmas story written by Dr. Seuss
  • The Emperor's New Groove: The scene with Thomas and Doki on the pneumatic roller coaster is a reference to the scene in said movie where Yzma and Kronk go to the Secret Lab to come up with a way to kill Kuzco
  • Elf: Doki saying "Those sons of nutcrackers!" after he and Thomas discovered it was Smudger, Max, and Monty who were stealing everything is a reference to the scene in said movie when Buddy got hit by a snowball
  • Zootopia: Smudger planning to lower Thomas and Doki into an icy pit as punishment for spying on himself, Max, and Monty is a reference to a scene in said movie when Mr. Big planned to do the same to Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps