~Gordon Tracy is the music teacher at Fred Rogers Middle School and a member of a top-secret organization known as International Rescue, along with his brothers Scott, John, Virgil, and Alan.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Gordon Cooper Tracy

Nickname(s): Gordy (called that by Alan during childhood), Gords (sometimes called that by Scott)

Gordon Tracy 3

Birthday: February 14, 1995

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Orange (later dyed Blond)

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Fair

Residence: A large red single-story house on 34 McKinley St., which he shares with his brothers, Tracy Island (used as a summer retreat)

Relationships: Jeff Tracy (father), Lucy Tracy (mother, deceased), Scott Tracy (oldest brother), John Tracy (older brother), Virgil Tracy (older brother), Alan Tracy (younger brother), Grandma Tracy (grandmother)

Occupation(s): International Rescue Aquanaut, music teacher

Favorite Food(s): Anything he considers "good" (ex. pizza, cheeseburgers, etc.)

Least Favorite Food(s): Anything he considers "disgusting" (ex. sauerkraut, onions, etc.)

Likes: Pranking people, playing the guitar, teasing his oldest brother over the fact he still sleeps with a teddy.

Dislikes: Getting caught, getting teased for still sucking his thumb while he sleeps, getting grounded (who likes getting grounded?)

Known Prized Possession(s): A Rickenbacker 360 12-string electric guitar given to him on his 12th birthday, a Gibson Hummingbird he got for Christmas that same year.

Hobbies: Making prank calls, playing practical jokes on people, swimming, fishing, chess

Appearance Edit

Casual Outfit: A gray shirt with a blue center on the collar and blue buttons, dark blue jeans, a red belt with a silver buckle, light blue shoes

International Rescue Uniform: A light blue waterproof jumpsuit with yellow scuba gear.

Personality Edit

Gordon is very funny and usually tries anything to make his students laugh. Though he's also very determined when it comes to saving people.

Trivia Edit

  • He is named after NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper of Mercury 7 fame
  • Since he's the 4th of the 5 Tracy brothers, Alan's the only one he gets to pick on, even though he enlists his help when he pranks his other brothers
  • When he first inherited his oldest brother's Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar, Scott gave him lessons until he (Gordon) could play as well as Scott
  • Ever since he was a little kid, Gordon's favorite part of the day is Bath Time
  • One of his biggest dreams in life is to join the US Coast Guard, then become a musician after he retires
  • He has a keen interest in water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, regular surfing, swimming, and fishing, even though he treats it as a hobby
  • He was born on Valentine's Day
  • In his spare time, he plays guitar for a trio he made up with Alan and Fred Jones called "Freddie, Alan, and Gordon", in which he plays a Rickenbacker 360/12

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