Donald and Douglas

Donald and Douglas are supporting protagonists for The Railroad Girl.


Full Name: Donald And Douglas The Scottish Twin Engines

Also Known As: The Scots

Species: Steam Engines

Genders: Male ♂

Ages: 15

Relatives: John F. McIntosh (designer), St. Rollox Works (builders)

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey


Donald and Douglas are black tender engines with black paint with red and white lining, their names on both sides of their boilers, and numbers on their tenders. Donald has the number "9" on his tender and Douglas has the number "10" on his tender.


  • When Donald and Douglas first arrived, nobody could tell them apart because the did not have their name plaques or numbers
  • Donald or Douglas (or both) usually do Edward's work when he is not available
  • They LOVE to scarf down donuts or anything else they can fit in their mouths
  • Both engines are best friends with James and Edward as well as Henry
  • Even though they both have the same favorite food and are twins, they do have several differences that also aid in telling them apart: Donald is interested in art and science, like Peter Sam and Porter, he likes heavy metal and hard rock groups such as Metallica and AC/DC, whereas Douglas is interested in classic literature, music, like Rusty, and likes "bubblegum rock" groups such as The 1910 Fruitgum Company, and Ohio Express
  • However, despite their different musical interests, both are fans of Scottish pop duo The Proclaimers, composed of twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reid