Doki is the deuteragonist for The Railroad Girl and one of the main protagonists for of Life With Doki.


Full Name: Doki Jason Spott

Also Known As: Dog Boy

Species: Dog

Gender: Male ♂

Birthday: February 25, 2008

Age: 9

Relatives: Greg Spott (father), Carmen Spott nee-Clarkson (stepmother), Bright Eyes Clarkson-Spott (younger stepsister) Emily Spott (mother; deceased), Tina Spott (older sister), Simon Spott (grandfather), Cooler Spott (uncle), Nose Marie Adams (aunt), Sally Bollywood (foster sister)

Hair Color: White, Black on right ear and spot over eye

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Peach


Green baseball cap, gold coin necklace.


  • Doki shares his birthday with late Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison
  • He is also best friends and likes to hang out with Thomas, Ryan, and Stanley
  • He is the president of the expedition club at David Cassidy Elementary School
  • He is very fond of old-school music groups like The Beatles, The Monkees, The Foundations, and, like Stepney, The Bee Gees
  • When he goes to school, he always takes an orange backpack with him
  • Out of all the engines, the one he favors most is Stepney
  • His mom died of lymphoma only a week after he was born, leaving him with only his father, sister, grandfather, and uncle until his father married Bright Eyes' mother
  • Whenever he goes to the beach or to the pool, he wears a pair of green swim shorts with a light green stripe down the sides
  • When he sleeps, he wears a green stocking cap with a yellow pom-pom on the end
  • He lives in a house that was designed by his father, who is an architect, and has a cool bedroom that was designed by his grandfather, who is an interior designer
  • He and his friends hang out in a treehouse in his backyard