~Cooler is a supporting protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Cooler Terry Spott


Also Known As: Mister/Uncle Cooler

Species: Dog

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 22, 1978

Age: 37

Relatives: Greg Spott (brother), Emily Spott (sister-in-law, deceased), Doki Spott (nephew), Tina Spott (niece), Bright Eyes Clarkson-Spott (adoptive niece), Nose Marie Adams (wife)

Hair Color: White (brown ears)

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Peach

Appearance Edit

Cooler always wears a blue jacket with red cuffs and an orange collar.

Trivia Edit

  • Cooler shares his middle name and birthday with late American singer Terry Stafford, best known for his Elvis Presley-sound-alike voice and his #1 hit "Suspicion".
  • Cooler was also born on the 16th anniversary of the JFK assassination
  • Cooler LOVES outdoor activities, mostly cycling and baseball
  • He owns a beautiful red bicycle, which he uses as his main mode of transportation
  • Whenever Doki and Bright Eyes need to be babysat, Cooler always volunteers
  • Because he and his brother were both born in California, Cooler's favorite sports teams are the San Francisco 49'ers and the Los Angeles Angels
  • He has a heart-shaped birthmark
  • He is very good at knitting
  • His pajamas consist of an orange robe with a black "c" on it and orange slippers

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