Breaking A Bond is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


After Lynn accidentally hurts Lana, she feels so guilty that she runs away, leaving Frank, Joey, and the other Loud sisters to go and find her.


One afternoon in the front yard of the Hardy/Loud residence, Lynn was playing one-person volleyball, while Lana was playing with her toy trucks.

"Oh yeah", Lynn said, "I'm really burning up!"

Lynn was rushing back and forth passing the ball from one side to another and hitting it back, but for one hit, she hit the ball too hard, and it hit Lana, who fell down onto the ground.

"Uh-oh", Lynn said.

Lynn helped Lana up.

"Sorry, Lana", Lynn said, "I guess I hit that ball too hard."

"Don't worry, Lynn", Lana said, "I'm alright."

Joey and Lori were outside working in the garden, and they saw what happened.

"You okay, Lana", Joey asked.

"You didn't hurt yourself, did you", Lori asked.

"No, I'm fine", Lana said, "just a little accident, that's all."

"Well, I guess these things happen", Joey said, "but Lynn, you need to be careful when playing with your balls."

"He's right", Lori said, "we don't want anyone getting hurt."

"Don't worry, I'll be careful around Lana", Lynn said, "I promise."

"Now then", Joey said, "we're going back to work now."

Joey and Lori went back to what they were doing, and Lynn went back to playing one-person volleyball.

"Gotta be careful", Lynn though, "I don't want to hurt Lana."

The next day, Lynn was shooting hoops in the front yard, and Lana was drawing on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, and the latter suddenly felt the urge to use the restroom.

"Frankie was right", Lana said, "I didn't need to drink three whole glasses of Milo's."

Lana went inside to use the restroom, and Lynn stopped shooting hoops to wipe some sweat off of her and have a drink.

"Whew", Lynn said, "this sure is some workout."

Lynn went back to shooting hoops, and inside the restroom, Lana had flushed the toilet.

"There we go", Lana said, "I'd better wash my hands."

Outside, Lynn was still shooting hoops.

"Here we go", Lynn said, "my 100th hoop in a row today."

What happened next was something no one saw coming, Lynn's basketball missed the hoop, ricocheted off the backboard, and went into the open bathroom window, where Lana was washing her hands, and hit her in the face, causing her to scream out in pain, much to Lynn's horror.

"Oh no", Lynn said.

Lynn rushed to the bathroom window and looked inside, and saw Lana crying while holding her nose, which was bleeding.

"Oh no", Lynn thought, "I broke my promise, I hurt Lana."

Lynn quickly ran away down the sidewalk.

"I'm a terrible sister", Lynn said.

Meanwhile, Frank, Joey, and Lori were comforting Lana.

"Don't worry, Lana", Frank said, "you're going to be okay."

"Thanks, Frankie", Lana said.

Joey held up the basketball.

"I found this in the bathroom by the toilet", Joey said, "I think we know what hit you."

"Lynn was playing basketball outside", Lori said, "the ball must've bounced into the bathroom somehow."

"Well, whatever happened, I think we'd better go outside and ask Lynn a few questions", Frank said.

But when they went outside, Lynn was nowhere to be seen.

"She's not out here", Joey said.

"Maybe she went back inside", Frank said.

So they went back inside and looked for Lynn, but they couldn't find her anywhere.

"Where could she be", Joey asked.

"I don't know", Lori said, "I'll try calling her."

Lori called Lynn's cell phone, and Lynn, who was walking down the sidewalk, heard her phone ringing, but when she saw it was Lori, she didn't answer, as she was worried about her elder sister being mad at her.

"Well", Joey asked.

"Nothing", Lori said, "she's not answering her phone."

"This isn't good at all", Frank said.

"I agree", Joey said, "we'd better get the other sisters together and go find her."

Meanwhile, Lynn had been picked up by the Bailey Boys, and was having a snack with them at Pizza Planet, where she told them about what had happened.

"Poor Lana", Henry said.

"That must've hurt", Freddie said.

"Not as much as I'm hurting", Lynn said, "I promised I wouldn't hurt her, but that's exactly what happened!"

Lynn was ready to cry, but Jonny comforted her.

"You didn't do it on purpose, Lynn", Jonny said, "I know you well enough to know that you'd never intentionally hurt one of your siblings."

"Really", Lynn asked.

"Of course", Jonny said, "and I'm sure Lana understands that you didn't mean to."

"If you say so", Lynn said.

Meanwhile, the search for Lynn was underway, with Frank the other Loud sisters looking around the neighborhood, and Joey and Lori looking for her in the Pacer around town.

"We've literally been searching for an hour", Lori said, "where could she be?"

"She's around here somewhere", Joey said.

"She'd better be", Lori said, "who knows what's going through her head right now?"

Meanwhile, Lynn had been dropped off back at the Hardy/Loud residence, and went inside to find it empty.

"That's strange", Lynn said, "where is everybody?"

Then, Joey and Lori came inside.

"There you are, Lynn", Joey said.

Lynn turned around and saw them.

"Where have you been", Lori said, "we've been looking everywhere for you."

Lynn saw frank and the other sisters come in, and when she saw Lana with bandages on her nose, she broke down crying.

"I'm sorry", Lynn said, "I hit Lana with my basketball and gave her a bloody nose, but I didn't mean to!"

"Go on", Joey said.

Lynn tearfully told them about the ball ricocheting off the backboard and flying into the open window, and Joey and Lori hugged her.

"Hey, it's okay", Lori said, "you're not in trouble."

"That's right", Joey said, "you didn't mean for that to happen."

"But what about Lana", Lynn asked, "she's probably upset with me."

Lana walked over to her older sister.

"Of course I'm not", Lana said, "I know you didn't do it on purpose."

"Really", Lynn asked.

"Of course", Lana said, "you're my sister, I know you wouldn't want to do anything to hurt me."

Tears of joy flowed in Lynn's eyes as the two sisters hugged, while the others watched in happiness.

"Now come on, let's go and get some snow cones from the stand down the road", Lynn said, "my treat."

Lynn and Lana walked outside and went to the snow cone stand down the road, happy to still be on good terms with one another.

The End

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