• Hilary James Lyall

    She wears a blue shirt with a lavender jean-jacket, a pink skirt, purple leggings and magenta shoes. She also wears her magic necklace and ring.

    He wears a red sweater, blue capris pants, and sky blue shoes.

    She wears a white t-shirt with a yellow flannel vest, and wears orange and white checkered skirt and yellow and white leggings. And wears red high-top shoes.

    In some occasions, she wears a light brown and red sleeveless shirt and a orange skirt.

    He sometimes wears a blue shirt with white sleeves and demin capris pants. But, in some occasions he wears a blue shorts and a red t-shirt.

    She wears a white t-shirt with sleeves folded under a gray shirt. She wears lime green leggings and blue sneakers.

    He wears a white shirt with blue sleeves and d…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Hilary wears outfits during her adventures with Mickey and his friends.

    She wears a blue shirt with a lavender jean-jacket, she wears a pink skirt and purple leggings. She wears glasses and a colourful necklace and ring.

    She wears a pink skirtini.

    She wears pink Pajamas with purple bunny slippers.

    She wears a black cat shirt, with pink leggings and white leggings. She sometimes, wears a cat ears headband.

    She wears a pink princess dress and white gloves and wears a tiara.

    She wears a pink shirt with a purple skirt and wears blue knee length socks.

    For her journey to France, she wears a pink and white stripes shirt, and blue leggings.

    She wears a purple mermaid fin with a pink halter-top.

    She wears a pink sweater with purple leggings.

    She wears a pin…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    (The scene opens up to the part where Pluto got doused by pepper.)

    • Pluto: (Sneezes).
    • Hilary: "What do you think. Too much pepper."
    • Mickey: "Maybe, just a little."
    • Hilary: (Voiceover)"Do you remember what kind of thing it was that made Pluto sneezed. Was it, a feather duster."
    • All: (Coughing).
    • Minnie: "There's nothing wrong with a little dusting."
    • Hilary: (Voiceover)"Salt."
    • Donald: "Too salty."
    • Daisy: "Here, Donald! Have some juice. That should help with your saltiness."
    • Hilary: (Voiceover)"Glitter."
    • Rosa: "Oh. All of this glitter."
    • Hilary: (Voiceover)"Or was it..."
    • Rosa: "Good news, amigos. I found out why Pluto was sneezing. Because, of the pepper. It was the real deal the whole time."
    • Hilary: (Voiceover)"That's right. Pepper. Great work, everybody!"
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  • Hilary James Lyall
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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Voice: "The Clubhouse Adventures, in Season 2. An all new adventure series. With magical moments."
    • Hilary: "We all do believe in magic."
    • Voice: "Join their favorited pals, Lucas, Lydia and Lucy."
    • Lucy: "I mean, why wouldn't you try when you got friends by your side."
    • Voice: "And their Clubhouse pals, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald."
    • Donald: "You said it, dudes."
    • Voice: "The laughter is nonstop."
    • Hilary: "Three, two, one, Go!"
    • Mickey: (Chatters).
    • All: "Huh."
    • Mickey: "I was just being silly."
    • All: "Oh Mickey(Laughing)."
    • Voice: "And the adventures are endless."
    • Hilary: "There's so much out there to explore."
    • All: "Yeah! Safari Selfie!"
    • Hilary: "Let's get to it!"
    • All: (Cheering).
    • Lydia: "Uh Pluto. By any chance you seen Mickey anywhere."
    • Voice: …
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  • Hilary James Lyall

    While attending a fiesta at Mexico, Hilary will stop at nothing to get her and her friends there.

    1. A Flashlight
    2. A Bicycle
    3. Pepper
    4. Dance Outfits

    1. Kate Higgins as Hilary
    2. Katie Bergin as Kipper
    3. Ashleigh Ball as Sam
    4. Sam Vincent as Marco
    5. Andrea Libman as Sammy
    6. Tabitha St Germain as Rosa
    7. Sasha Toro as Doodles

    (The episode starts off with Hilary practising on a ballet bar.)

    • Hilary: "Arabesque."

    (Kipper hops by.)

    • Kipper: "G'day, mate."
    • Hilary: (Gasps)"Hi Kipper. I'm so glad to see ya. And you too. Welcome to the Girl-eriffic Home. Today, we're going to a fiesta in Mexico. A fiesta is a Spanish word for a celebration."
    • Rosa: "And I'm pretty excited to go there."
    • Hilary: "Hi Rosa."
    • Rosa: "Hola, Hilary. I'm excited to get to the fiesta in Mexico."

    (Suddenly, the doorbell r…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    They are magic bows the kids made for themselves, so they can add something great expression in them by changing the colours of their hair color.

    When the kids used their rings to choose someone to thank them, they combined their colours with their magic bows. And the bows and their hair turned pink.

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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Voice: "The Clubhouse Adventures Series are back. With magically moments."
    • Lucy: "It'll be a magical experience you'll never forget."
    • Voice: "Join Lucas, Lydia and Lucy as they go on more awesome adventures with their friends."
    • Mickey: "You're just in time. Today, we're going on a safari."
    • Voice: "As they reunite with their friend."
    • All: "Oh Mickey(Laughing)."
    • Voice: "And everyone else on the show."
    • Minnie: "Hi Mickey. Hello everybody."
    • Goofy: "Back to the time of castles and dragons."
    • Donald: "Oh boy. Oh Boy. Oh Boy."
    • Pluto: (Barks).
    • Daisy: "This is so exciting."
    • Mickey: "You betcha!"
    • Voice: "And for the first time ever."
    • All: "Ready!"
    • Voice: "The kids have their magic rings a magic upgrade so their friends can thank them for their help."
    • Mickey: "Thanks…
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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Voice: "The Clubhouse Adventures Series. An all new and improved series. Get to know these three new kids as they go on awesome adventures. Lucas, Lydia and Lucy."
    • Lucy: "Let's Go!"
    • Voice: "When Thebes kids stumble upon a magic world. They received magic rings."
    • Lucas: "These rings are so pretty."
    • Voice: "And along the way, they meet new friends."
    • Mickey: "Hey Everybody. It's me, Mickey Mouse!"
    • Voice: "Journey to awesome adventures."
    • Lucy: "Our First Adventure."
    • Voice: "And learn to believe in magic."
    • Lucas: "We do believe in magic."
    • Voice: "So join Mickey."
    • Mickey: "This is gonna be a big adventure."
    • Voice: "Minnie."
    • Minnie: "You're sweet."
    • Voice: "Donald."
    • Donald: "Oh boy. Oh Boy. Oh Boy."
    • Voice: "Daisy."
    • Daisy: "Yay."
    • Voice: "Pluto."
    • Pluto: (Barks).
    • Voice:…
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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Voice: "Now it's my turn. Today, we're gonna talk about the Dance to the Rescue, an all new DVD special.
    • Isabelle: "Hi! I'm Isabelle and I'll be talking about where Swiper got trapped in a bottle by a dancing elf."
    • Sammy: "A dancing elf?"
    • Sam: "Guess there is a thing as magic."
    • Isabelle: "I even learn about the surprises that were involved on the fun. Especially, when I was shocked when Swiper accidentally got swallowed by a whale."
    • Swiper: "Whoa!"
    • Marco: "This is really a whale of a problem."
    • Isabelle: "Plus, Rosa's spin was so funny after she hears someone sneeze."
    • Rosa: "Whoa!"
    • All: "Rosa!"
    • Isabelle: "And Yeah! This is gonna be a long day."
    • Voice: "To find out what happens next on this adventure, you can watch Dance to the Rescue, an all new never…
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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Voice: "Now it's my turn. Today, we're gonna hear about Animals Galore, a brand new DVD special."
    • Ally: "Hi. My name is Ally and it's my turn to talk about where Hilary along with Blaze, AJ, Stripes, Mermaid Coral, Kipper and Sheila visited Animal Island and met some new friends."
    • Sheila: "I don't remember being here before."
    • Ally: "If I were an animal, I would be a kangaroo that hops over obstacles and kanga-kick things too."
    • Hilary: "What an adventure."
    • Ally: "I also like the part where Blaze, AJ and Stripes met some new animal friends and then Mermaid Coral and Sheila soon realized that Hilary has Shyness Fear disorder and...Yeah! This is gonna be a long day."
    • Voice: "To find out how this adventure ends, you can watch Animals Galore, an all n…
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  • Hilary James Lyall

    The Magic Rings

    February 10, 2019 by Hilary James Lyall

    Lucas, Lydia and Lucy wear special rings so they can go to the Clubhouse anytime they want.

    All they have to do is say the magic words: "Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!"

    Then while doing the Hot Dog Dance with everyone, Lucas, Lydia and Lucy choose one of the Clubhouse pals to thank them for their help, all they have to say this special chant: "Ring-A-Dee-Dee, Ring-A-Doo-Doo, we choose someone to thank us and that is you!" and then their rings change color and then they'll say, "Magic Rings, what do you say, who do we choose to thank us today." And then one of their Clubhouses friends say thanks to them for this fun adventure.

    Then they use them to help them get back home and say: "Our adventure turned out great when we work together, can't wait …

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Sometimes the kids wore different outfits in different episodes in the Clubhouse Adventures.

    On his first adventure with Mickey and his clubhouse pals alongside with Lydia and Lucy, he wore a blue shirt with white sleeves and a pair of capris pants.

    In Goofy's Thinking Cap, he wore a yellow shirt with a blue bow tie and he wore blue pants.

    On an adventure in Wonderland, he wears a red shirt, an orange jacket, and blue capris pants.

    On an adventure in the Wizard of Dizz, he wears a blue shirt and brown capris pants.

    In her first adventure with Mickey and his clubhouse pals alongside with Lucas and Lucy, she wore a purple shirt, along with a blue skirt and pink leggings.

    In Goofy's Thinking Cap, she wore a purple shirt with an orange skirt and gre…

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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Hilary: "Going on an alphabet adventure was so much fun. We especially love the letter B. Did you know that many words start with the letter B."
    • Rosa: "Like Fluffy the Bunny. Because Bunny starts with B."
    • Marco: "And lots more. Like beavers."
    • Sam: "Bumblebees."
    • Sammy: "Butterflies."
    • Kipper: "Balloons."
    • Hilary: "Bubbles."
    • Backpack: "And Backpack."
    • Rosa: (Sighs)"What an alphabet-y adventure."
    • Hilary: "See ya real soon."
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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Narrator: "As a girl and a kangaroo of everyone's favourite words, Hilary and Kipper love going on adventures."
    • Kipper: "Bonza! What fun!"
    • Hilary: "What could be better than an adventure."
    • Narrator: "And now, they're going on a new adventure."
    • Sheila: "Can't wait!"
    • Narrator: "With the all new DVD special, Animals Galore. Mermaid Coral is holding a Welcome Party for her cousins and everyone is invited."
    • Mermaid Coral: "We are celebrating the arrival of my cousins."
    • Narrator: "There'll be lessons to learn."
    • Hilary: "Huh. Ya know. There's always a first time for everything."
    • Narrator: "Big surprises."
    • Mermaid Coral: "There's a lot to see."
    • Narrator: "And so much more. So join Mermaid Coral!"
    • Mermaid Coral: "Time to introduce ourselves."
    • Narrator: "Blaze!" …
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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Fairyland is a magical place. When Rachel and Kirsty met each other, they explore Rainspell Island, along the way they met Ruby the Red Fairy. After learning that Jack Frost banished the Rainbow Fairies from Fairyland, they must search for the other Rainbow Fairies.

    • When the girls turn into fairies, their tone of their voices remain normal.

    1. Alina Foley as Rachel Walker/Kirsty Tate
    2. Jill Talley as Mrs Walker/Mrs Tate
    3. Brian Stepanek as Mr Walker/Mr Tate
    4. Anna Cummer as Ruby the Red Fairy
    5. Andrea Libman as Amber the Orange Fairy
    6. Tabitha St Germain as Sunny the Yellow Fairy
    7. Chantal Strand as Fern the Green Fairy
    8. Kelly Sheridan as Sky the Blue Fairy
    9. Erin Matthews as Inky the Indigo Fairy
    10. Janyse Jaud as Heather the Violet Fairy
    11. Nicole Oliver as Queen
    12. James Rank…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Kids' Outfits

    November 26, 2018 by Hilary James Lyall

    She usually wears a white t-shirt along with a lavender jean-jacket and a backpack, She wears a pink skirt with hearts and wears blue leggings, her shoes are white with red spots. She wears glasses. She even wears a magic necklace that allows her to come to Axle City anytime she wants. And wears a magic ring.

    When she gets ready for bed, she wears pink Pajamas and purple bunny slippers.

    In the winter, she wears a pink coat along with a white hat, red scarf and black mittens. Her boats are also black. She also wears her magic necklace and ring.

    She wears a pink bathing suit, with a flowy skirt.

    She wears a pink sweatshirt and purple leggings, her hairband is colourful, in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and pink.

    She wears a pur…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    1. Gage Munroe as Dink Duncan (Donald David Duncan)
    2. Drew Davis as Dink Duncan (Donald David Duncan)
    3. Nissae Isen as Josh Pinto
    4. Addison Holley as Ruth Rose Hathaway
    5. Frank Welker as Pal
    6. Stephany Seki as Polly
    7. Julie Lemieux as Dink's Mother (Mrs. Duncan)
    8. Richard Waugh as Dink's Father (Mr. Duncan)
    9. Susan Roman as Josh's Mother (Mrs. Pinto)
    10. Neil Crone as Josh's Father (Mr. Pinto)
    11. Linda Ballantyne as Ruth Rose's Mother (Mrs. Hathaway)
    12. Martin Roach as Ruth Rose's Father (Mr. Hathaway)
    13. Helen King as Ellie
    14. Adrian Truss as Mr Linkletter
    15. Andrew Sabiston as Lucky O'Leary
    16. Jay Schramek as Jud Wheat
    17. Sam Vincent as Officer Fallon
    18. Ellen Ray Hennessy as Gram Hathaway
    19. Julie Pinto as Ms Eagle
    20. Jessica DiCicco as Sammi Bin Oz (Samir)
    21. James Rankins as Uncle Warren
    22. Jeff Bennett as Mr Dil…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    1. Alina Foley as Annie
    2. Blake Bertrand as Jack
    3. Nikki SooHoo as Morgan Le Fay
    4. Jacob Ewaniuk as Teddy
    5. Alexa Torrington as Kathleen

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    1. Alina Foley as Kirsty Tate/Rachel Walker
    2. Jill Talley as Mrs. Tate/Mrs. Walker
    3. Brian Stepanek as Mr. Tate/Mr. Walker
    4. Colin McFarlane as Bertram
    5. Nicole Oliver as
    6. James Rankins as
    7. Bruce Dow as Jack Frost
    8. Sam Vincent/Scott McNeil as Goblins

    1. Bryn McAuley as Esther
    2. Catherine Disher as Aunt Isabel
    3. Julie Lemieux as Fluffy
    4. Jay Gragnani as Jamie Cooper
    5. Lilly Bartlam as Jane Dillon
    6. Millie Davis as Annie
    7. Melissa Rauch as The Fairy Godmother
    8. Ellen Ray Hennessy as Kirsty's Gran
    9. Jamie Watson as Peter
    10. Jacob Ewaniuk as Lucas
    11. Harrison Fahie as Matt

    1. Tara Strong as Trixie the Halloween Fairy
    2. Tabitha St Germain as Holly the Christmas Fairy
    3. Bailey Gambertogolio as Stella the Star Fairy
    4. Addison Holley as Emma the Easter Fairy
    5. Russi Taylor as Juliet the Valentine Fairy
    6. Kathleen Barr as …

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    There's a wild party going on at the zoo. But when an evil sorcerer, decided to cause trouble. It's all up to Hilary and Kipper to save the day.

    1. Wild Jungle
    2. African Savannah
    3. Monkey Business Crazy-Grasslands
    4. Gorilla Territory
    5. Rhino RaceTrack
    6. Elephant Plains
    7. Falcon Sky
    8. Lion Land
    9. Volcanic Caverns

    Once you reach level 5, you will end up in a lagoon and while you dry off, you will meet a rhino named Ricky. And with some help from Ricky, you will be able to ride the waterways with him, anytime, anywhere.

    • Finish a level

    You will get this achievement once you reached the end of the level

    You will get this achievement after you ride the waterways with a rhino.

    • Complete the Wild Jungle levels
    1. Jungly Perils
    2. Race-y Rhinos
    3. Go Gorilla!
    4. Ecstatic Elephants
    5. Wild Jungle Face…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    (The episode begins with Hilary and her parents on vacation in Australia.)

    • Hilary: "I just love visiting the Outback."
    • Hilary's Dad: "Okay Hilary. We're all ready for a hike."
    • Hilary's Mom: "We packed water in case we get thirsty, sunscreen to keep us from getting a sunburn and of course some food."
    • Hilary: "Let's hit the trail."

    (Hilary and her family started hiking.)

    • Hilary's Mom: "This is hard work."
    • Hilary's Dad: "Time for a 20 minute break. Want to join us, Hilary."
    • Hilary: "Not right now. I'm off to explore on my own."
    • Hilary's Mom: "Okay. Have fun."
    • Hilary's Dad: "Happy hiking."

    (Hilary walked off on her own.)

    • Hilary: "This is great."

    (Hilary walked up a mountain and looked around.)

    • Hilary: "Whoa! I can see everything from way up here."


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  • Hilary James Lyall

    It's the start of spring and everyone is having fun. But when Mr and Mrs Grouper had mysteriously got kidnapped. The Guppy Scouts have to work together to save the day.

    (The episode starts off on a sunny spring day. The sun was shining and the birds are singing sweetly, and the butterflies fly high in the air. Hilary and Kipper are on their Guppy Scout Dreamboat.)

    • Hilary: "What a perfect day for coming to Bubbletucky on a nice spring day. Right, Kipper."

    (Kipper was so busy looking at butterflies that she'd forgotten about Hilary's beautiful voice.)

    • Kipper: "Yeah, mate. I was just distracted by some butterflies."
    • Hilary: "I know, Kipper. There always seem to be beautiful butterflies in the springtime. Am I right."
    • Kipper: "Exactly."

    (There was la…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    (There was once a girl, named Hilary, who loved adventures very much. One of the only things that could make her adventures better is with a special show called Blaze and the Monster Machines. Each day, she would head out to use a tv in a room in her house. Sometimes, her mother's room and the TV in the living room. One day, she was getting ready for Blaze and AJ's first ever adventure to begin, she went to use the TV in the garage, her kangaroo pal, Kipper was with her.)

    • Hilary: "Hmm. Ya know what would be better, Kipper. If I could join these adventures. Then, I would really enjoy them."

    (Hilary and Kipper closed their eyes and imagined. A magical sparkle transported them to a field.)

    • Hilary: "Huh. Where is everybody. I wonder where I am. K…

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  • Angelinatheballerinapup

    Hey Everyone, 

    Angelinatheballerina here, I owe all of you guys an huge appgoly..  I'm really sorry, i havn't acted the way an friend should be. I been way to harsh, to my friends...and blocking you guys just because I felt misstreated.. Can you guys ever forgive me please? 

    I promise i try to be an better friend ..I forget about god's word and i'm ashamed...of my self... I really am.. I Am so so sorry..everyone.. I will try to treat you all with respect 

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  • Moose513

    Remembering A User

    November 23, 2017 by Moose513

    Today, on the Any Idea Wiki, on November 11th at precisely 3:00 p.m.-ish, Thunderbird1InternationalRescue announced his retirement from the wiki. This has taken it's toll on the wiki. We have lost a great user, an admin, a friend. While it is possible that he may return someday, we will never know. I miss him very much.

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