Alfred Hedgehog is one of the main protagonists of The David Cassidy Elementary Kids.


Full Name: Alfred Quincy Hedgehog 
Alfred Hedgehog

Also Known As: Alf

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 28, 2007

Age: 11

Relatives: Keith Hedgehog (father), Sonya Hedgehog (mother), Lilly Hedgehog (younger sister), CJ Brown (best friend), Russell Clay (best friend), Arnold Shortman (best friend), Nathan Adams (best friend)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Two shades of brown


Alfred always wears a two-toned blue t-shirt over a white long-sleeve shirt, beige bermudas, and blue and white tennis shoes.


  • Alfred shares his birthday with American actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, and composer Mel Brooks, best known as a creator of broad film farces and comic parodies such as Blazing SaddlesSpaceballsYoung Frankenstein, and Robin Hood: Men In Tights.
  • He loves his little sister very much and will do anything for her.
  • He is a big mystery fan, specifically novels in series like The Hardy BoysThe Adirondack Kids, and Sherlock Holmes.
  • He has dreams of becoming a professional private investigator.