~Alan Tracy is a teacher at Fred Rogers Middle School and a member of a top secret organization known as International Rescue, along with his brothers Scott, John, Virgil, and Gordon.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Alan Shepard Tracy

Nickname(s): Al, Allie (called that by his brothers)

Alan Tracy 4


Birthday: March 12, 1998

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Fair

Residence: A large red single-story house on 34 McKinley St., which he shares with his brothers, Tracy Island (used as a summer retreat)

Relationships: Jeff Tracy (father), Lucy Tracy (mother, deceased), Scott, John, Virgil, and Gordon Tracy (all older brothers), Grandma Tracy (grandmother), Tin-Tin Kyrano (girlfriend)

Occupation(s): International Rescue Astronaut, homeroom teacher

Favorite Food(s): Anything he considers "good" (ex. pizza, cheeseburgers, etc.)

Least Favorite Food(s): Anything he considers "disgusting" (ex. sauerkraut, onions, etc.)

Likes: Helping out his older brothers and other people, hanging out with his brothers, Grandma Tracy's home-baked chocolate chip cookies and brownies, spaceships, Buzz Lightyear

Dislikes: Seeing any of his brothers mad or upset, getting yelled at (especially from John), people in danger

Known Prized Possession(s): A Buzz Lightyear action figure Virgil gave him for his 5th birthday, a Greek fisherman's cap he got at a swap meet.

Appearance Edit

Casual Outfit: A blue lumberjack shirt, khaki pants, brown shoes

International Rescue Uniform: A light blue jumpsuit with red gear.

Personality Edit

Alan really likes to help people out, especially his brothers and his students. Though he also likes to help his older brother Gordon with his pranks as well as prank none other than Gordon himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Ever since seeing the movie Toy Story for the first time when he was 5 years old, Alan has been a sworn Buzz Lightyear fan and has collected many Buzz Lightyear merchandise such as action figures, bedspreads, pillowcases, sleeping bags, fishing poles, and even Buzz Lightyear underwear and socks and a LEGO Buzz Lightyear alarm clock!
  • He is named after NASA Astronaut Alan Shepard of Mercury-Redstone 3 and Apollo 14 fame.
  • He is the 5th and the youngest of the 5 Tracy brothers, making him the "baby" of the family.
  • When he's at his teacher job, he often taps his pointer on his desk to get his students' attention.
  • Even though he likes to prank people like his older brother Gordon, Alan does tend to get into trouble from his father, Jeff, who usually punishes him by denying him seconds on dessert, no TV for a day, and even no allowance for a day.

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