Abduction and Eradication is a cartoon that starts out happy but has a sad ending.


Two baby girls named Kiara and Melody giggle as their fathers, Simba and Eric, play with them. Simba playfully tosses Kiara in the air while Eric lifts Melody above his head as he makes zooming noises. Their mothers, Nala and Ariel, watch in awe. A few hours later, shortly after their parents put them to bed, the two infants are kidnapped by a nefarious criminal named Jafar. The two newborns attempt to defend themselves, but their scratches and punches are ineffectual. The villain gets so angry that he wipes the two from existence. The parents get so upset upon finding out that they all kill themselves.


Simba Simba_grown_up.jpg Nala Nala_in_third_sequel_14.jpg Kiara Ariel Part_of_your_world_%28reprise%29.jpg Eric Melody Jafar Jafarrmdd.jpg

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