A Very Hardy Boys And Loud Girls Christmas With Chuggie is the sixth episode of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Frank, Joey, and the girls are invited on a ride to the North Pole with Butch Cassidy and everyone's favorite little green locomotive, Chuggie.

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One Christmas Eve, a man, who was the narrator, was looking at the Hardy/Loud residence.

"Hello", the narrator said, "I was just waiting for a surprise visitor to visit these fine friends."

Inside, Frank was reading Twas The Night Before Christmas to the twins.

"But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight", Frank read, "merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

"That was so beautiful", Lana said.

"Well", Frank said, "goodnight."

He went downstairs and joined Joey, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lynn in watching "A Muppet Family Christmas" on Freeform.

"I like how they featured characters from Sesame Street", Luna said, "reminds me of my childhood."

Then, the power suddenly went out.

"What's going on", Joey asked.

Then, Lynn noticed the water in her glass began to ripple.

"Hey guys", Lynn said, "something's happening."

Then, they heard a loud noise coming from outside.

"What's that", Leni asked.

"I'll go take a look", Joey said.

Then, Lucy, Lola, Lana, and Lisa walked downstairs.

"Could you keep the noise down", Lisa asked, "us kids are trying to get some sleep here."

"It wasn't us who made that loud noise", Lori said.

"Sounded like a train whistle to me", Lana said.

"Hey guys", Joey said, "you might wanna see this."

They went outside and saw a green locomotive in the road.

"Here he is", the narrator said, "the surprise visitor."

"Were these railroad tracks here before", Leni asked.

"Nope", Lori said.

Then, a young man walked outside.

"Good evening", he said, "my name is Butch Cassidy, and I will be your guide for this evening."

"Where are we going to", Lynn asked.

"The North Pole", Butch said.

"I'm not sure about that", Lisa said, "there aren't any tracks that go there."

"When you put your mind to it you can go anywhere", Butch said.

Luan walked towards the front of the locomotive and saw that it had a face.

"Hello", the locomotive said.

Luan ran over to the others and jumped into Leni's arms.

"A talking train", Luan said.

"I see you've met Chuggie", Butch said, "he'll be our engine tonight, and if he can't get us there, nobody can."

"Okay", Frank said, "if you say so."

They got on board and Butch held his arm out, signaling that they were ready to go.

"And with these eleven friends on board this delightful little green locomotive, they're about to have a Christmas they'll never forget", the narrator said.

"Sit down please", Butch said.

"I've never been on a living steam engine before", Lana said, "it feels so magical."

"There's no such thing as magic", Lisa said, "everything has an explanation, the proper term is science."

Butch then walked over.

"Tickets please", Butch said.

"We don't have any tickets", Lori said.

"Check your pockets", Butch said.

They checked their pockets and, to their surprise, found tickets in them.

"How did these get in our pockets", Lori asked.

They handed the tickets to Butch and he punched "Merry Christmas" in every one of them.

"Nice ticket punching", Lana said.

"I take great pride in it", Butch said.

Butch then noticed Leni and Luan trying to play with the intercom.

"Oh no you don't", Butch said, "that is not a toy."

He shooed them away and spoke into the intercom.

"Attention", Butch said, "we will now be serving hot chocolate."

He served them fresh hot chocolate and offered marshmallows, which everyone except Lucy and Lisa accepted.

"You know", Luan said, "there's nothing like a drink of cocoa on Christmas Eve."

They then stopped and Butch got on the intercom.

"We will now be stopping to get some more wood for Chuggie's fire", Butch said, "if you need to get out to use the bathroom or something, then I would advise that you do it now."

They got out and used the bathroom and came back, as Chuggie began to pull out.

"Is everyone present and accounted for", Joey asked.

Joey counted and noticed something.

"Where's Lynn", Joey asked.

They then noticed Lynn chasing after Chuggie.

"Come on Lynn", Lori said.

Lynn then tripped and fell.

"We have to stop this thing", Joey said.

"I've got this", Luna said.

Luna pulled the emergency cable, and Chuggie stopped, much to his confusion.

"That was close", the narrator said.

Lynn climbed inside and sat down as Butch burst inside.

"Alright", Butch said, "who applied that emergency brake?"

"She did", Lola said.

Lola pointed to Luna.

"You", Butch said, "that cable is for emergency purposes only."

"She was trying to stop the train so that Lynn could get on", Lori said.

Butch then looked at Lynn, who smiled and waved at him.

"I see", Butch said, "is that what happened?"

Luna nodded her head yes.

"Why didn't you tell me", Butch asked, "I would've just had Chuggie slow down a little, but we didn't have to stop him."

"I didn't think about that", Luna said.

"Well, I just want you to know that we are on a very tight schedule", Butch said, "so please, take your seats."

Everyone then sat down.

"Thank you", Butch said.

They then sat off again and Butch approached Lana.

"Young lady", Butch said, "could you come with me?"

"What for", Lana asked, "am I in trouble?"

"Trouble", Butch asked, "no, I just want to show you something amazing."

They then crossed to the other car.

"Watch your step", Butch said.

They then climbed a ladder and were at the top of the car.

"Wait here", Butch said.

Butch then walked away.

"Wait", Lana said, "where are you going?"

But Butch had disappeared.

"Oh no", Lana said.

She then fell face forward and landed in some snow that was on the car, and Butch showed up wearing skis and a miner's cap.

"Wake up kid", Butch said, "no sleeping on this train ride."

Lana then got out of the snow.

"Get on my shoulders", Butch said.

"What for", Lana asked.

"We're about to reach Warlock's Cave", Butch said, "when we go downhill, we're going to ski to Chuggie's cab."

"What are we going to Chuggie's cab for", Lana asked.

"You'll find out when we get there", Butch said, "now get on."

Lana got onto Butch's shoulders.

"Hold tight", Butch said.

They raced down the cars on the skis and landed in Chuggie's cab.

"Well", Butch said, "that's more like it."

Lana then saw the cab.

"This place is amazing", Lana said.

"Great", Butch said, "I brought you here to show it off."

Meanwhile, Chuggie noticed something strange up ahead.

"Stop", Chuggie shouted.

"Why", Butch asked.

"I see something strange up ahead", Chuggie said, "I don't know what it is, but I don't wanna crash into it."

"We have to stop", Butch said.

"Which one is the brakes", Lana asked.

"This one right here", Butch said, "now hurry!"

Lana applied the brakes just in time, and Chuggie was surprised at what it was.

"Cariobou", Chuggie said.

There was a large herd of migrating caribou blocking the track.

"Do we really have to deal with this now", Butch asked.

"I got this", Lana said.

Lana blew Chuggie's whistle really loudly.

"I've wanted to do that my whole life", Lana said.

She did it again, but louder, and the caribou moved out of the way.

"There", Butch said, "now let's get moving before something else comes."

"Wait", Chuggie said, "can Lana ride on my front?"

"Yeah", Lana said, "can I?"

"I guess", Butch said, "just tie yourself down with this."

Lana tied herself to Chuggie's handrail with some blue rope and they set off again.

"This is amazing", Lana said.

Inside, Chuggie's throttle was jammed, and they were going way too fast.

"We're going pretty fast", Lana said.

"Hey Butch", Chuggie said, "slow down."

"I'm trying", Butch said.

Then, the throttle snapped.

"Uh oh", Butch said.

"What's happening", Lana asked.

"We're currently in Iceberg Valley", Chuggie said, "home of the steepest hills in the North."

"Is that bad", Lana asked.

"On a scale of one to ten, I'd say maybe eight", Chuggie said, "so I would recommend holding on..."

Then, they went down a hill really fast.

"Tightly", Chuggie shouted.

Inside the cab, Butch was looking for a spare throttle.

"It's got to be here somewhere", Butch said.

Soon, the track was straight again.

"That was close", Lana said.

"But not close enough", Chuggie said, "look!"

Up ahead, the track had been flooded by some icy water, and Chuggie went right through it, and came to a stop.

"Oh dear", Chuggie said, "the water is sloshing my fire."

Butch then went into the passenger car and took a few floorboards.

"What do you need those for", Luan asked.

"No time to explain", Butch said.

He went over to Chuggie and put the floorboards in the fire.

"That feels much better", Chuggie said.

"Now let's get out of here before the water freezes over", Butch said.

Chuggie braved on, and eventually made it out of the water.

"Come on Lana", Butch said, "we should get you back to the passenger car."

"With Chuggie and his passengers safe, the journey to the North Pole continues", the narrator said.

Butch helped Lana back to the passenger car.

"You missed it", Lola said, "there was these huge pieces of track that made the ride like a roller coaster, and we went into some water."

"I didn't miss it", Lana said, "I was up front for the whole thing."

Lana then sat down and fell asleep, while Lori and Joey watched her.

"While Lana's sleeping, let's go and watch something amazing", Joey said.

Joey and Lori then looked outside and saw the northern lights lighting up the sky.

"Wow", Lori said, "they're so beautiful."

"Yes", Joey said, "but nothing shines as bright as you."

Joey and Lori were about to kiss, when Butch came in.

"Hey", Butch said, "we're getting close to the North Pole, so you might want to take your seats now."

Joey and Lori then sat down.

"So close", Lori said.

Soon, they arrived in the North Pole.

"Here we are", Butch said, "we'll be getting out soon to see Santa."

They then looked out their windows and saw something.

"Look", Lana said.

"Elves", Leni said.

They noticed hundreds of elves walking into town square.

"Alright", Butch said, "everyone out."

Everyone then got out of the car.

"Now then", Butch said, "chose your buddy to stay close to so nobody gets lost."

Frank then noticed something.

"Where's Lana", Frank asked.

"She's over there sleeping in the passenger car", Lisa said.

They noticed that Lana was fast asleep in her seat.

"I'll go get her", Lola said.

"Me too", Luna said.

They climbed into the car and went next to Lana.

"Wake up Lana", Lola said, "we're here."

Lana yawned and woke up.

"Sorry", Lana said, "just a little tired from that roller coaster ride."

"You can sleep after we've seen Santa", Luna said.

They began to walk away, but noticed that they were moving.

"What's going on", Lana asked.

"We're moving", Lola said, "I must've stepped on the coupling when we were climbing in."

"Don't worry", Luna said, "we'll be fine."

But then, they went downhill very fast.

"Maybe not", Luna shouted.

They were getting dizzy from it.

"We're goanna die", Lana said, "I'm goanna throw up, and then I'm goanna die!"

"This is bad", the narrator said, "will the girls survive this wild ride?"

Then, they crashed into something and spun around.

"We're on a turntable", Luna said.

They then noticed they were surrounded by tunnels.

"Which way now", Lana asked.

"Mo", Lola said.

"Mo", Luna and Lana asked.

"Sure", Lola said, "eenie meenie miney mo."

"Okay", Luna said, "mo it is."

They went down a tunnel and found themselves in the town.

"Well", Lana said, "we're lost."

"Not yet", Lola said, "I hear something."

They then heard "Silver Bells" playing.

"I say we follow the music and see where it leads", Lola said.

They then went into a room, where there were screens showing children.

"This must be how Santa sees who's been good and who's been bad", Lana said.

Then, some elves came in.

"Alright", elf 1 said, "we have exactly an hour and 59 minutes until it's time for Christmas."

"Right", elf 2 said, "hope the jolly fat man checked that list one more time."

The elves then departed through a tube.

"Let's go", Luna said.

The three went down the tube and landed in a room.

"Woah", Lana said, "look at all the pretty paper."

"This must be where they wrap the presents", Lana said.

"Come on", Luna said, "let's follow those arrows and see where they lead."

They followed the arrows and found themselves in a weird area.

"I wonder what goes on in here", Lola said.

Then, the machinery in the room came to life.

"What's happening", Lana asked.

Luna then noticed a present with red wrapping paper and a blue bow.

"A present", Lola said, "it's going to our town."

Luna noticed something.

"Hey Lana", Luna said, "the present has your name on it."

"Really", Lana asked.

Lana then chased after the present.

"Wait", Luna said.

Luna and Lola went after Lana, and they went down a slide and landed in a pile of presents.

"Where are we". Lola asked.

They then noticed that they were inside Santa's sack.

"Well, that answers that", Lola said.

Lana found the present and was just about to tear the wrapping off, when she noticed a label that said "Do not open until Xmas".

"Those are the rules", Luna said.

Then, they began being pulled upwards.

"Hey", Lana said, "we're being lifted."

They then saw a huge blimp lifting the sack up.

"Looks like we're on our way", Luna said.

They were then flying over town square, but Luna noticed that they were going down.

"Hey", Luna said, "you might want to lighten the load!"

Some elves heard her and parachuted to the ground, but the sack was touching the star on the Christmas tree.

"That's not good", Lana said.

The star fell down, but some elves roped it and put it back on the tree.

"What a close shave", Luna said.

The sack was dropped on the sleigh, and the elves from the monitor room climbed up.

"What are you doing in here", elf 3 asked.

"One of out passenger cars separated from Chuggie, and we ended up in here", Luna said.

"Alright", elf 3 said, "just get out of here."

Luna then noticed that Lola and Lana were sleeping.

"Okay", Luna said.

Luna crabbed onto Lola and Lana and slid down the sack.

"There you are", Joey said, "what happened?"

"It's a long story", Luna said.

Then, the crowd went silent, and an elf came out.

"Ladies and gentlelves", the elf said, "please welcome, the jolly fat man himself, Santa Claus!"

Then, Santa came outside and waved to everyone.

"He does exist", Lucy said.

Santa got into the sleigh, and the reindeer took off.

"Ho, ho, ho", Santa said, "merry Christmas!"

Butch then checked his watch.

"All aboard", Butch said.

Frank, Joey, and the Loud sisters got on board Chuggie, and Luna sat Lola and Lana down in their seats.

"They're so cute when they sleep", Luna said.

"Agreed", Leni said.

After a few hours, Chuggie arrived at the Hardy/Loud residence.

"Last stop", Butch said, "everybody off."

They then got off and Frank, who was carrying the twins, walked over to Butch.

"Thanks for the ride Butch", Frank said.

"Anytime", Butch said, "feel free co come down to Piperville any time."

Butch handed Frank his card, and Chuggie began pulling out.

"Merry Christmas", Chuggie said.

"What", Frank asked.

"Merry Christmas", Chuggie shouted

As Chuggie pulled out, the narrator, who was on top of one of Chuggie's coaches, waved goodbye to the audience and dissapeared.

"That was fun", Lynn said, "we should do it every year."

They all went to sleep, and the next morning, Frank and Joey were woken up by Lana.

"Wake up", Lana said, "Santa's been here!"

They went downstairs and opened their gifts.

"This is great", Luna said.

"I think we've all opened our gifts", Frank said.

"Except one", Leni said.

Leni got a present out from under the tree, and to Lana's surprise, it was the one from the sack.

"It's that same present", Lana said.

Lana opened the present up and saw an Air Warriors Ultra-Tek Snipe suction cup dart gun.

"Wow", Lana said, "it's amazing."

"Come on", Joey said, "we're meeting Mom and Dad for Christmas."

As they went to go, Lana smiled with glee.

"Thanks Santa", Lana said.

The End


  • This episode is a crossover with Thunderbird1InternationalRescue's Chuggie & Pals.
  • Aside from Lana's dart gun, the other gifts the Loud sisters received from Santa were:
    • Lori: A handbag
    • Leni: A pair of white high-heels
    • Luna: A pair of bongos
    • Luan: A rubber chicken
    • Lynn: A basketball
    • Lucy: A bat-wing pen
    • Lola: A plush dragon
    • Lisa: A pair of safety goggles
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