A Sensational Night is the first episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


The Loud sisters get front row seats at a Sensations concert for free because they're friends with Frank and Joey.


One day at the house, everybody was doing their thing, when Frank and Joey ran into the house.

"Hey guys", Frank said, "you're not goanna believe this."

"What", the Loud sisters asked.

"Fred, Steve, and Joe are here for a concert tonight", Joey said, "and you girls get front row seats."

The girls all celebrated this.

"We're goanna see a real life concert", Lynn said.

"I can't wait", Luna said, "I haven't been to a real concert since the 7th grade."

"What are we goanna wear to this concert", Leni asked, "what time should we go?"

"Just go as you are", Frank said, "Sensations concerts don't have a specific dress code."

"And we leave in an hour", Joey said.

"Great", Lori said, "let's all get ready."

At the concert, the girls sat down right in front of the stage.

"These are great seats", Lori said.

"I just hope they don't do any stage dives or crowd surfs", Leni said.

Then, everyone quieted down as The Sensations got on stage.

"Hello Starlet City", Steve said.

Everybody cheered, and Leni began pulling the top of her dress down, but Lisa stopped her (Leni).

"We're here tonight to play some of the greatest hits of yesterday, today", Steve said, "and we're goanna start with a little bit of The Cars."

They then sung "Just What I Needed" by The Cars, which everybody enjoyed greatly.

"Thank you", Steve said, "now, my pal Joey's goanna sing lead for this next song, and I'll play guitar."

"Thank you Steve", Joey said, "this next song is, in a way, kind of like the love for my girlfriend, Lori Loud."

Lori then blushed at what Joey said.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen", Joey said, "enjoy this song by Spiral Staircase."

He then sang "More Today Than Yesterday" by Spiral Staircase, and some fangirls of Joey's ran up, but Lori blocked them.

"Sorry girls", Lori said, "that hunk's mine."

He soon finished and everyone, especially Lori, cheered.

"That one's for you Lori", Joey said.

Lori then fainted at what he said.

"There will now be a brief intermission", Steve said, "take five everybody."

The girls then went backstage to talk to Frank and Joey.

"You guys were amazing", Lori said, "especially you Joey."

"Thanks", Joey said.

Steve then walked up to them.

"Hey there", Steve said, "I need a one of you to help out with something."

"I'll help", Lana said.

"Thanks", Steve said, "stay backstage and don't press this button until I tell you."

"Will do", Lana said.

They then heard a whistle blow.

"Our break's over", Steve said, "you girls should head back to the audience, except for Lana, because we need her."

They then got back in the audience, while The Sensations got on stage.

"We're goanna sing a song dedicated to someone you all may know well", Steve said, "he was probably best known for being part of The Monkees."

He then turned to Lana.

"Hit that button", Steve said.

Lana hit the button and a picture of Davy Jones that read "In Memory of Davy Jones, 1945-2012" on it unrolled behind the band.

"Ladies and gentlemen", Steve said, "Daydream Believer."

As the band sang the song, Lynn noticed that Luan was tearing up.

"Are you crying", Lynn asked.

"No", Luan said, "a bug flew in my eye."

Then, she (Lynn) noticed Luna crying.

"Are you crying", Lynn asked.

"Yes", Luna said, "it sounds so beautiful."

Then, the band stopped singing for a moment.

"Let's sing for Davy", Steve said.

Everyone joined the band in singing the last lyrics of the song, except for Luna, who couldn't stop crying.

"Thank you", Steve said.

While everyone cheered, Leni calmed Luna down, and Lana went back to join her sisters.

"That was really something", Lana said.

"We're goanna sing a few Bee Gees songs now", Steve said, "and we'll start with "Don't Forget To Remember Me."

As they sang the song, Leni cried like Luna did, and Lori wanted to cry too, but was trying her hardest not to.

"I'm not goanna cry, I'm not goanna cry", Lori said.

Soon, the song ended, and Leni was still crying, so Lori patted her (Leni's) head to calm her down.

"And now, we're goanna sing another Bee Gees song to wrap up the concert tonight", Steve said.

They then sang "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?", and Lori just lost it and began crying, smearing her mascara.

"Wow", Luna said, "and I thought I was emotional."

Then, the song ended and everyone cheered.

"Goodnight Starlet City", Steve said.

Steve dropped the mic and exited the stage with everyone.

"See you two next time we have a concert", Fred said.

Then, the girls went backstage to greet them.

"You were amazing", Lori said.

Joey was startled by Lori and jumped into Frank's arms.

"What happened to your face", Joey asked.

"My mascara smeared from all that crying", Lori said.

Lori then got out a tissue and wiped her face off.

"Come on fellas", Frank said, "let's head home."

They then walked out to the parking lot so they could drive home.

The End


  • Innuendo: Leni pulling down the top of her dress meant that she was going to flash her breasts like groupies do to celebrities.
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