A Day In The Park is the eighth chapter of You Bring The Summer.


The Hardys, the Louds, and the Bailey Boys decide to check out the local park.


The next day was welcomed by a bright warm sun and everyone waking up to find themselves immersed in sunlight.

"Man," said Frank, "this has gotta be the brightest day of our vacation."

"Yeah," said Joey, "Let's go get some breakfast."

With that, they all had breakfast in the hotel dining room. After breakfast, they all hung out in the lobby when they were greeted by none other than our favorite little blue engine Thomas. Stanley and Ryan were with him.

"Hey, Thomas," said Frank as he came out, "Who're these two?"

"These are my two best friends Stanley and Ryan," said Thomas.

"Nice to meet you," said Frank.

"Likewise," said Stanley.

"So, Thomas," said Frank, "What brings you here?"

"Well," said Thomas, "We thought we'd take advantage of this glorious day and show you guys the park."

"Sure," said Frank, "I'll ask the others."

With that, Frank went inside and asked the others about going to the park, then came back out.

"They said they'll go," said Frank.

"Well, then," said Thomas, "let's go!"

With that, everyone got into the open-top carriage and Thomas, followed by Stanley and Ryan, took them to the park. They soon arrived, and saw there were a wide variety of things to do. There was a playground, courts for playing basketball, tether-ball, badminton, volleyball, and tennis, a giant sand pit, a go-kart track, a duck pond, and a fountain. There was also a picnic area with an ice cream kiosk as well as tables for playing board games.

"Wow," said Leni, "this place looks fun!"

"Well," said Thomas, "It is a park."

"True," said Jonny.

"Well," said Frank, "let's take advantage of this beautiful sunny day!"

With that, they all began their fun in the sun. Joey, Lola, and Lori fed the ducks at the duck pond, Frank and Lana played catch with a frisbee Frank had brought, Luna, Lynn, and Leni sat on the edge of the fountain and dipped their feet it, Lisa flew a kite that was designed to look like a space shuttle, Lucy sat under a tree and read a book of Edgar Allan Poe poems, Jonny and Bailey played chess, and Freddie filmed himself and Dice shooting free throws on the basketball court. As for Henry and Hudson, Hudson was sneaking up on a flock of pigeons.

"Hey, Henry," said Hudson, "tape me bothering the pigeons."

"Uh, okay," said Henry as he put his phone on "Camcorder Mode", "But, mark my words, Hudson, this will end badly."

"BOO," Hudson shouted.

The pigeons got startled and fluttered away from him while he laughed.

"Bothering the pigeons, bothering the pigeons," Hudson said.

"You stop bothering those pigeons, you juvenile delinquent," said a voice.

An elderly light green-skinned and orange-eyed woman wearing a pale yellow t-shirt, a red skirt, yellow boots, and red earrings on her ears approached.

"What do you mean," asked Hudson.

The woman then hit Hudson with her purse.

"Hey, watch with that purse, lady," said Hudson, "Whaddya got in there, bricks?"

"Bread crumbs," said the woman as she continued hitting Hudson and chasing him, "There's two things I hate; pigeon botherers and varmints on television. Get outta here, you blond-haired bird intimidator!"

Henry was laughing his head off as he recorded the entire thing, then stopped.

"That'll be one to tell Luna," said Henry.

Just then, a ten-year-old pale yellow-green-skinned, crimson-haired, and orange-eyed girl wearing a magenta bow in her hair, a light green t-shirt, denim shorts, a black leather belt with a brass buckle, and light orange boots, walked over.

"Howdy," said the girl, "Who're you guys?"

"I'm Henry Hart," said Henry.

The girl gasped.

"The Henry Hart," the girl asked, "From the Bailey's World YouTube channel?!"

"The one and only," said Henry.

"Nice to meet you," said the girl, "I'm Sadie Smith, but my friends call me "Apple Bloom"."

"Nice to meet you as well," said Henry.

Then, Hudson came back from the chase.

"Man," said Hudson, "that woman may be old, but she really packs a mean punch!"

Apple Bloom giggled.

"I see you've met my Granny Wilma," said Apple Bloom.

"Yeah," said Hudson.

"C'mon," said Apple Bloom, "I'll show you to my other friends!"

Meanwhile, Jonny and Bailey were playing a game of checkers at the board game tables when they were approached by five boys of eleven years. The first was a heterochromic grizzly bear who had a brown right eye, a blue left eye, and wore a white polo shirt under a red vest, jeans, a black leather belt with a brass buckle, and brown hiking boots. The second was a dark-haired and green-eyed hedgehog who wore a two-toned blue t-shirt over a white long-sleeve shirt, beige bermudas, and blue and white tennis shoes. The other three were humans. The first had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a two-toned teal hooded jacket over a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and orange sneakers, the second had a football-shaped head, blond hair, black eyes, and wore a blue cap, a dark blue jacket over a teal sweater, a red plaid shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers, and the third had dark brown hair, black eyes, and wore a red, white, and clue t-shirt with a white star on the front, baggy gray jeans, a brown leather belt with a silver buckle, a watch on his left wrist, and red, white, and blue sneakers.

"Hey," said the bear, "You two look familiar."

"Yeah," said the blond boy, "What're your names?"

"Bailey Handler," said Bailey.

"Jonny Quest," said Jonny.

The other boys all looked at each other.

"Yup," said the hedgehog, "it's them."

"It's really nice to meet you," said the bear, "I'm CJ Brown, and these are my friends Russell Clay, Arnold Shortman, and Nathan Adams."

"We're big fans of your channel," said Nathan.

"Yeah," said Russell, "We met your friends Freddie and Dice on the basketball court."

"Nice," said Jonny.

Elsewhere, at the ice cream kiosk, Apple Bloom had introduced Henry and Hudson to her friends, who were Eloise Welles, or "Sweetie Belle" as she liked to be called, who had light grey skin, sap green eyes, hair of alternating pale rose and grayish mulberry, and wore a pink and white t-shirt, a dark pink jacket, a dark purple belt with a lavender buckle, a light yellow skirt, and dark pink boots with yellow straps and lavender buckle, Elizabeth Fletcher, or "Scootaloo", who had moderate cerise hair, moderate purple eyes, light gamboge skin, and wore a dark gray hoodie with light blue trimmings, dark gray boots, light blue socks, and green shorts, and Staci Clemer, who was a brown-eyed brown bear who wore a pink, white, and lavender blouse, denim shorts, pale pink socks, and plum sneakers. Henry had a turtle sundae, Hudson had a Twix ice cream bar, Staci had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, Apple Bloom had a strawberry cone, Sweetie Belle had a vanilla cone, and Scootaloo had a chocolate cone.

"So," asked Henry, "How's life been?"

"Pretty good," said Scootaloo, "My dad got a promotion at work."

"My Granny won 2nd Prize at the Annual Winter City Pie Bake-Off," said Apple Bloom.

"My dad got my mom a new car for her birthday," said Sweetie Belle.

"Nice," said Hudsonr, "what kind?"

"A 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood," said Sweetie Belle, "He even had it painted pink!"

Hudson and Henry were shocked.

"Wow," said Henry, "Just like the one Elvis had!"

"Yeah," said Sweetie Belle, "Mom's a hardcore Elvis fan. Owns nearly every record by him and a vast collection of Elvis merchandise."

"Yikes," said Hudson, "What about your mom, Apple Bloom?"

However, Hudson didn't get the response he wanted, as Apple Bloom started to cry. Henry elbowed Hudson and glared at him.

"Her mom and her dad died in a plane crash when she was six," said Sweetie Belle.

"And my mom died of cancer when I was the same age," said Scootaloo.

"Oh my gosh," said Henry, "I'm so sorry!"

Apple Bloom quickly recollected herself. Henry got her a lot of napkins for tissues.

"Thanks," said Apple Bloom as she blew her nose, "And, at least that God's taking good care of them now."

"Yeah," said Sweetie Belle.

"Wait," said Hudson, "You girls are Christians?"

"Yeah," said Staci, "My dad's the reverend at the church we go to."

"Neato," said Henry, "Me, Hudson, and the other guys are Christians too."

"Yeah," said Hudson, "And our friend Steve's dad's friend Rosalina has a daughter who was a Muslim."

"Wait," said Sweetie Belle, "Did you mean "Steve" as in Steve Burns from The Sensations?"

"Yup," said Henry.

Sweetie Belle did a fangirl squeal, which made Henry and Hudson cover their ears.

"Sorry," said Sweetie Belle, "I'm just a really big fan of them."

"It's alright," said Henry.

Just then Frank came over with Lana. When Sweetie Belle saw him, she did an even louder fangirl squeal than before, which spooked Lana and caused her to hide behind Frank's leg. Sweetie was quick to notice.

"Oops," said Sweetie Belle, "Sorry."

Lana slowly peaked her head out from behind Frank.

"It's okay, Lana," said Frank, "Don't be scared."

Henry then introduced Lana to the other girls. Sweetie Belle then got out a small notepad, opened it up, and held it up to Frank.

"May I have your autograph," asked Sweetie Belle.

"You sure can," said Frank.

Frank then signed Sweetie's notepad.

"So," asked Henry, "what brings you two here?"

"Well," said Frank, "playing with that Frisbee sure worked up an appetite, so we decided to take an ice cream break."

"Yeah," said Lana.

Frank and Lana then got their ice cream. Frank got a Snickers ice cream bar and Lana got a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. Soon, it was time for everyone to go home, so they joined Thomas as he took them back to the hotel.

"So," asked Thomas, "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah," said Henry, "Met some fans."

"Ah, yes," said Thomas, "the kids from David Cassidy Elementary. Nice Christian kids. Friends of the railway."

Son, they arrived at the hotel, where everyone had a nice big dinner, then went to bed a few hours later. However, Luan was nowhere to be found when they got back to the hotel.

"Weird," said Joey, "Where'd she go?"

"She wasn't with us when we went to the park," said Lori.

"Well, wherever she is," said Frank, "she'll be back."

End Of Chapter 8